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  • Avatar for Deff_
    Sounds so much like 'Sum 41 - Best of Me' I love it
  • Avatar for lupinehorror
    i've been sober now for 0 whole days. cracking song though.
  • Avatar for RandallBoggs
    this is way better than the popular song i've heard. i like this one tons.
  • Avatar for gwconner
  • Avatar for buddy_love2226
    such a powerful song
  • Avatar for Metal-Kathy86
    ♥❤♥ great band for live performance
  • Avatar for tad72
    I never tire of this track. lyrics i can relate to. all of Blue October's songs have incredible lyrics.
  • Avatar for shannonc85
    This song got me through a low time
  • Avatar for blazk_orchid
    I have to block out thoughts of you so I don’t lose my head They crawl in like a cockroach leaving babies in my bed Dropping little reels of tape to remind me that I’m alone
  • Avatar for h3lovenote
    "All the things I didn't do for you." - powerful, as life is so short and the way people leave our lives -- every day * show them you care.
  • Avatar for self_loathing
  • Avatar for TheInexplicable
    One of my all-time favorites, I must say. And like a baby boy I never was a man. Untill I saw your blue eyes crying and I held your face in my hand. And I find I'm yelling "Make it go away!!" Just make a smile come back and shine just like it used to be.
  • Avatar for Ferdokki
    I love love love this song. Funny, I discovered it while we were TV shopping at Best Buy. XD The song had just come out, and it was playing on all of the TVs. XD
  • Avatar for porcelina1409 happy to say I no longer hate me today..or tomorrow.. :)
  • Avatar for giggleloop1
    One cracking good track. Love it<3
  • Avatar for clpack
    love them
  • Avatar for Eroticus
    Beautiful song :3
  • Avatar for GreenKamo
    >Spirit Ditch
  • Avatar for tad72
    blue october always leaves me with chills. just luv em so much.
  • Avatar for WampaStomper74
    This song is me.
  • Avatar for ToriEatsYou
    i love the girls singing lyrics from calling you at the beggining and the end of this song.. It gets to me . (:
  • Avatar for Metal-Kathy86
    The concert in Munich 2011 was great!!!
  • Avatar for ked546
    very deep....memories
  • Avatar for kshomion
    This song touches a cord in me. It may mean something different to some one else vents some of my anger with myself.
  • Avatar for Lucky1seven
    One of my Favorite Bands and CD's. Hate Me is Epic!
  • Avatar for lil-monsterkid
    ok but don't hate,
  • Avatar for Skublichka
    Fucking addictive :/
  • Avatar for tad72
    luv blue october! so great!!
  • Avatar for Vi_c7
    great song!
  • Avatar for dizzeebee
    best band ever
  • Avatar for JumboQuest
    This song murders me.. [5]
  • Avatar for gendervariant
    Foiled got me through high school
  • Avatar for gendervariant
    This song murders me.. [5]
  • Avatar for Ferdokki
    I'd prefer this without the girls talking in the end...
  • Avatar for JuliaHearts
    Really great song
  • Avatar for Leegoddess
    best band EVERRRR <3
  • Avatar for stepherrific
    Foiled is one of the top 10 albums ever!
  • Avatar for Vermont_V8
    great lyrics.. sweet song
  • Avatar for pawpawt
  • Avatar for pawpawt
    Been There...
  • Avatar for lucyyyx3
    this song is just so fucking perfect.
  • Avatar for NickInChaos
    I remember when I first started listening to this band when this cd came out and I loved it so much. It brings back a lot of memories even though some are really bad ones from that time in my life. This song is always going to mean something to me
  • Avatar for hlwarrior
    This song murders me.. [4]
  • Avatar for metalprincess6
    Saw them Sing this live.....Amazing.....
  • Avatar for NevynAlar
    This song always brings about the absolute truth...look inside and you'll see.
  • Avatar for GothicaMistress
    Luv it, but I listen 2 it wayyyy 2 much! It startz 2 get annoying....Itz very sad wen dat happenz
  • Avatar for phoenixdbp
    been there,done that. which is why this song is so powerful to me. brilliant voice, brilliant song
  • Avatar for ichat10
    AMAZING! My Step-Mom introduced this band to me! I love them!
  • Avatar for shleimi
    this song murders me [3] ....Hate me for all the things I didn’t do for you.
  • Avatar for ruifilipe10
    They are the best ! This is not the real videoclip !


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