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  • too much ACID [2]
  • kurt cobain would've liked it
  • Legendary classic rock! This is great proto-metal (if you wanna call it that).
  • They started it all.
  • Uma das melhores bandas do gênero!
  • >> [url=]Another way[/url] lead us somewhere else ...
  • Vincebus Eruptum : the Hard & Heavy landmark
  • Awesome band! [2]
  • вот это реально жестокое музло. а не ваши грайндкоры
  • << The way lead us back to [url=]The Other Half[/url] ...
  • the most badass band to come from the psych rock scene
  • I saw this band when I was 16 years old and then again about 40 years later: They hadn't slowed or quieted down a bit! [url=]Here is[/url] a journal I wrote describing the experience....
  • занятно, но не более. просто хороший драйвовый утяжеленный рок-н-ролл. никакого "изобретения хэви-металла", просто угарная хиппи-самодеятельность.
  • Awesome band!
  • "Peace of mind", yees lord yes !!
  • I think what I love about Leigh Stephens is that, unlike Hendrix, his playing always seemed like it was on the verge of being completely out-of-control, chaotic screaming madness with a vibrato technique that sounded like a banshee ululating in the swamps of psychosis.
  • too much ACID
  • Metal: A Headbanger's Journey...
  • One of the best hard rockin' bands out there.....
  • doctor please
  • Best ever--the opening 30 seconds or so of "Outsideinside" is the most perfect audio ever recorded by humans.
  • Got a high with the SXSW show around 2008. Me and my "partner" cried and screamed and smiled was an astounding show. Smelled liked '68 or '08, LOUD and CREAM and RARE music.
  • Vincebus Eruptum is a great album but honestly, Outsideinside is such an underrated album everyone should give it a listen if they haven't done so already. [2]
  • Who the fuck cares if Iommi was influenced by Blue Cheer? I'm so tired of all this Sabbath worship. Iommi discovered the drop C tuning by accident. (He broke his finger and it was easier on his hands to play in drop C.) He isn't some Christlike figure that came from the sky and invented heavy metal. These "who influenced who" or "who is the first metal band" arguments are fucking stupid. Music speaks for itself.
  • These boys are tight and loud as frik
  • really nice
  • Vincebus Eruptum is a great album but honestly, Outsideinside is such an underrated album everyone should give it a listen if they haven't done so already.
  • Bullshit lonechaney300 the flatted fifth, devil's tritone, powerchords downtuning tell me something Tony iommi did different that Leigh Stephens did not do. You are right He was influenced by Cream as well as jimmy Hendrix, but he left out Blue Cheer. In the 1991 documentary Don't Blame Me, Ozzy Osbourne and [b]Tony Iommi[/b] point to Blue Cheer as having an [b]enormous[/b] impact on [b]their sound[/b]" Watch the video if you don't believe me. It took those three 1966 power trios to create Sabbaths sound. Blue cheer being the primarily force according to They are one of the first if not the first heavy metal band.
  • Plague94, DON'T SAY SHIT! Tony Iommi NEVER cited Leigh Stephens. He cited Eric Clapton, Django Reinhardt, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. And he is also influenced by Jazz, you moron. And the riffs of Leigh Stephens are quite different of Iommi's riffs. I do not know where these brats of today take this information picks. In any interview of Tony talking about his influences he always cites jazz and guitarists like Jeff Beck, Hendrix, Page, etc. Just being really fanatic Blue Cheer's fan to be inventing this bullshit that he had been influenced by Stephens.
  • @HeroinVelvet don't be naive tons of Hard rock and metal bands were Influenced by this band, including 75% of stoner rock/metal bands like Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Witch, and Sleep. in a 1991 documentary Tommy Iommi cited Leigh Stephens as his main influence on guitar. They are also cited as Sabbath's the primary on
  • I love this! Clearly ahead of their time, and I'm guessing they also were a big influence on Stoner bands. Priceless and timeless!
  • So I don't understand too, sounds like hendrix rip off to me.
  • also Oxford Circle did blastbeats
  • folkfag, "As a young teenager, Blue Cheer scared me because older teenagers told me that a dog at a Blue Cheer concert dropped dead from the sheer volume of their amplification. My only contact with their music suggested this was very very likely to be true - hell, their guitarist only left the group when he went deaf!" - source:
  • folkfag00 obviously doesn't understand that Vincebus Eruptum is pure soul; pure, raw, unrestrained fucking soul.
  • so, basically, they just stripped down hendrix's music of its soul and now they're the pioneers of heavy metal
  • Una reseña del debut:
  • Early Metal
  • RIP Dickie and Leigh..I had heard we lost Leigh,recently.
  • LOVE IT!!!
  • No Relief is savage as well.
  • What doesn't kill you has couple real good tracks on it. I Don't Know About You and I'm Gonna Get To You.
  • [url=]This[/url] just reminded me of several years ago,when I wrote [url=]this journal I wrote about seeing Blue Cheer when I was 16 years old.[/url] My second comment there . . . mentions the old days of When journals led to a lot of music sharing! And culture sharing.... Cheers! And, indeed, [url=]Blue Cheer's![/url] :)
  • Where the hell can we download a good copy of Outsideinside
  • A spectacular mix, a magical whirlwind of sounds and colors, a pleasure that is renewed at every listening. -.-.-.-. om hari om .....
  • Where the hell can we download a good copy of Outsideinside
  • my favorite are the first two albums, but the others are good to. check out the albums called dinning with sharks and what doesn't kill you


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