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Blue Army's, "Beauty Will Save The World"
Features twelve nuggets of reel-you-in storytelling combined with enticing musical nectar. Their debut album exhibits post-punk guitars with a synthesizer overlay that recalls '80s New Wave’ that is wonderfully coupled with the exuberance of ‘90’s Britpop’ without burying the sound in nostalgia. On their debut, Blue Army plumbs its imagination for tales of murdered lovers ("Subway Girl") betrayal (“Acrylic Afternoons”), life on the brink of hopelessness ("It’s a Wonderful Life"), the meaning of love (“Someone to Die For”) apprehension and uncertainty in facing the future (“The End of the World”) underlined with apocalyptic undertones that, although seemingly dark and melancholic, still offer a brief glimmer of hope in the face of looming despair (as shown in the title track, “Beauty Will Save the World”). You will find yourself singing along even though you've never heard these tunes before. Neven Pesa, frontman and songsmith in this outfit, is obviously a canny student of ‘kitchen-sink-drama’; the total effect of this album is a cinematic storybook, but one made irresistible by skillful, catchy songs. Blue Army expertly synthesizes electronic and organic instrumentation and allows the listening audience to ascend to ecstatic heights through heart-pumping anthems as well as explore the pits of despair in bittersweet haunting melodies. Phrases turn, emotions connect and melodies soar in a wonderful marriage of word and sound. Life & Death, Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil (and all things in-between) are all cleverly portrayed within the beautifully crafted lyrics and melodies of this Blue Army. As it is, Beauty Will Save the World is just that – sonically beautiful - and it brings a diverting glamour and freshness to today's rock/pop scene.

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