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  • Avatar for ivarpsy
    @jeffcrab lmao
  • Avatar for jeffcrab
    the guy below me may or may not be extremely pretentious
  • Avatar for TheAbbott
    Well, second LP has replaced Below The Heavens as the most listened one, listeners then certainly can be located somewhere between retarded and not being bothered with listening carefully to samples, kicks and snares, lines, metaphors, wordplay and allusions, concept as a whole, shifts of flow, diversity of topics, sophistication of story telling and everything else than makes BtH one of the most exceptional albums in recent and perhaps not only recent Hip Hop history.
  • Avatar for ACaley
    Perhaps the best chemistry between a producer and a rapper in the last 20 years
  • Avatar for DramaSetter619
    ma soul a lamode =))))
  • Avatar for NaStyFlo
    I remember missing this show.
  • Avatar for DropSoap
    Best duo of all time
  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    L'Orange - Need You ft Blu
  • Avatar for joshraw
    Excited for the London date, been meaning to see these cats live for a while
  • Avatar for caffeineandvase
    new exile mixtape is dope!
  • Avatar for tresfoufou
    I never heard dudes music before and i’m impressed dude is nice with the lyrics
  • Avatar for Vladislav-TrAsT
    lyrics from below the heavens blow my mind, love it so much
  • Avatar for Yeah_Brah
    It's really hard to top Below The Heavens but their second album is also pretty good.
  • Avatar for NeedsDeodorant
    Shit, they need to press a need round of "Below The Heavens" album and on the side do it to the c-tape too. And yeh, haven't heard the newest one yet, need to check is it in Finnish stores or do i need to hunt it down from some another country.
  • Avatar for joshraw
    'Give me my flowers..' - too dope.
  • Avatar for Mihhu up!
  • Avatar for IxCLuTcH
    "A Man" changed my life
  • Avatar for david-1992
    @MmDruqks Tom Waits is ill I don't know why more people don't sample him or even work with him
  • Avatar for MmDruqks
    sampling tom waits >
  • Avatar for MCIS
    Blu & Exile ftw, Give Me My Flowers is great!
  • Avatar for jay-z33
    Give me my flower while I can still smell them is better than Below the heaven for me!!!Two classics!!!
  • Avatar for DropSoap
    New album is the shit. I can't listen to it enough oh my god.
  • Avatar for shahidi124
    New album is incredible.
  • Avatar for ProfessorFay
    The remastered version is really nice.
  • Avatar for david-1992
    can't wait to see these live!
  • Avatar for digbickman
  • Avatar for P_Function
    foolishness. absolute garbage.
  • Avatar for bulbasaurfosho
    p4k is trash anyway, the new album is dope as fuck
  • Avatar for CeciliaBAngel
    i just want it "Erase Your Mind" all the time!
  • Avatar for Tyrant1x
    I liked some songs more before, but overall it's better.
  • Avatar for axelboom
    It sounds so much better mastered. Pitchfork can suck my dick. [2] i don't even mind that i've heard most of the tracks . it´s all good
  • Avatar for Pistol999
    another great album
  • Avatar for ItWasntBo
    Damn im digging this hi fi shit!!
  • Avatar for SpitPiff
    Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them, Hi-fi leak,
  • Avatar for buddamunk
    blu probably started moving weight so he could afford new studio equipment.
  • Avatar for YouAreInvited
    How does this only have 33k listeners? It sounds like it should be much more popular.
  • Avatar for vince_1523
  • Avatar for IxCLuTcH
    Great read about the creation of Below the heavens:
  • Avatar for dai360
    Most underrated MC... Blu is a beast! EP is HOT... new re-mastered LP drops Sept 4th.. YES>>>
  • Avatar for Funkeman
    New EP is unbelievably dope
  • Avatar for GoldSpots
    It's good, but it's not all new. Is the album going to be the same? Kinda tired of getting fucked over by Blu.
  • Avatar for IDoubleJI
    its out.
  • Avatar for soccer4wu10 them maybe one day snippets >>>>>>
  • Avatar for IxCLuTcH
    I don't care if the music is mastered or not, it sounds good.
  • Avatar for pandabeareyes
    V Yeah seriously lo-fi is one thing but that was just garbage, Psyched for that.
  • Avatar for CeciliaBAngel
    they do Blutiful and Exilent music!
  • Avatar for tyrealg
    BlExile, BluXile or ExBlu.
  • Avatar for CeciliaBAngel
    aaaah! I can't wait for this "MAYBE ONE DAY" 10" EP available 7.17.12 "GIVE ME MY FLOWERS WHILE I CAN STILL SMELL THEM." available 9.4.12
  • Avatar for jorbachov
    fuck jewels, I think my soul glows bright enough
  • Avatar for IDoubleJI
    so amazin cot damn


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