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  • Viva México, fuck the USA!
  • Mexican Death!!! [2]
  • Mexican Death!!!
  • Quite solid, congratz man.
  • infidel my man, great discovery
  • vote!
  • The Death Of Hope is good album
  • fuck arpeggios.
  • Slayer78 : lol maybe bdm isn't your style mate.
  • I'm talking about the U.S Bloodsoaked, though not pretending anyone should care, and for all I know the one-man-band could kick ass live. Seen it at Neurotic, bands I do not care for at all face-kicking me into submission, so I guess it could happen again. Other than that, fuck off.
  • Try Murder Squad for old-school, this shit is really rather tame. Not awful, not even close, just tame and nonsensical, stuck full of things you've heard before if a veteran listener of extreme metal you are. Yep, I am an old fuck.
  • reviewed "The Death of Hope"
  • Iqw
    old school death metal > brutal death metal ..ALWAYS. [2]
  • American Bloodsoaked is much better. [7]
  • American Bloodsoaked is much better. [6] new album not best 07 and 09, but.... блять, как же сложно, карочь, слушать можно - Пётр рулит!!
  • grinding your guts!!!!
  • vote up
  • omfg stop bitching about which band is better, both bands are great \m/
  • American Bloodsoaked is much better. [4]
  • Kickass!
  • DEATH !!!! \m/
  • I haven't listened to the US one but for crying out loud...wiggers can't even touch the old school! Hails to mexico!
  • mexican version is best. [3]
  • (US Bloodsoaked) I haven't heard much from this band, but from what I've gathered this is pretty much a way lame version of Insidious Decrepancy
  • bald fag's music <3
  • mexican band is better than this bald fag
  • america1!!!
  • American Bloodsoaked is much better. [3]
  • mexican version is best. [2]
  • American bloodsoaked is much better.[2]
  • mexican version is best.
  • one more time the mexicans are disgorge
  • Suicide!
  • One-Man Killing Machine!
  • this death metal guy sucks so hard, please remove all the pictures, I dotn want this fag on my site haha
  • suicide <3
  • can please start seperating same-name bands like what need to be done here: Bloodsoaked (Fr), Bloodsoaked (Ger), Bloodsoaked (Mex), Bloodsoaked (US)... because it needs to be done and btw the US version is awesome one-man band goodness |m/_
  • Peter Hasslebrack kicks ass! That Obituary cover is sooooo fuckn dead-on tight.
  • wird ja immer schöner mit dem bild hier :D
  • Super geile ultra band!
  • diese glatze nervt echt :D
  • Mexican one ftw
  • Top-Höhrer Nr.1 :D olé
  • wrong band!!! >_<
  • Samstag war mal wieder geil :P
  • Ich liebe euch :-* :D
  • Mahlzeit Männers. Ihr also auch hier? nice
  • both bands are great.
  • Grinding Your Guts is the best song on the album! \m/
  • meh...


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