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Blood Of Martyrs is the sound of Universes collapsing upon themselves. Cities falling to flaming ruins. The machinations of Internal and External revolution. The death rattle that transforms into an infant's first gasp for breath. The crushing defeat of religion. The apotheosis of men into ascended god-beings. OM

Blood Of Martyrs is an artistic synthesis of Ideas and Experiential Phenomena. This discipline has demanded the study of texts by Austin Osman Spare, Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl Jung, Herman Hesse, Carlos Castaneda, Terrance McKenna and others; the exploration of trance states, ancient dreams, and psychoactive compounds; and complete immersion in the chaos, order, beauty, fear, hatred, love, alienation, confusion, reverence, disgust, betrayal, despair, and hope that are present in this dimension and others.

Dark and epic experimental metal with elements of progressive rock, free improvised chaos, and psychedelia.

Biography :

Blood of Martyrs was first conceptualized in 2001.
First recordings and live performances in 2006.
Three official recordings have been released:
Ex Nihilo (LP, 2007)
Even the Dead Long for Spring (EP, 2011)
Ordo Caelestus Rebellus (LP, 2011)
Over the years, the lineup has included members of Nachtmystium, Lair of the Minotaur, Yob, and Swans.

Current Lineup:

Markus Launsburry: All music and lyrics; Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Vocals, Percussion (Nachtmystium, Iklatus, Trifog, Vasana)
Barret Baumgart: Drums (Acrisia)
Andrew Lincoln: Bass (Acrisia)
Kelly McLaughlin: Vocals, Additional Guitars

Previous Members:

Chris Wozniak: Drums (Lair of the Minotaur, Iklatus, Trifog)
Isamu Sato: Bass (Yob, H.C. Minds)
William Amaya: Live Vocals
Jarboe Devereaux: Vocals (Swans, Neurosis, Esoteric, etc)
Paul DiPego: Live Bass (Salt of the Earth)

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