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  • Avatar for Ambiverted
    Wow, this is surprisingly punishing music.
  • Avatar for EriinahCore
    Love Howard Jones, but this band is alright.
  • Avatar for Stern_J
    we can only hope that Blood Has Been Shed shall rise again
  • Avatar for metaljo76
    Used to have the Spirals cd,lost it years ago...I must buy it again!! Sick band!
  • Avatar for cfreak24
    About that reunion show, i think i saw it at their wikipedia page, but i guess it's bullshit because i can't find anything about it anymore. However these two sites: are still saying that Jeanne has joined the band. But i guess that's bullshit to because Howard just started a new band. Ah well at least we can hope!
  • Avatar for metalmasterman
    When did they ever play a reunion show? I have yet to see this anywhere online or on video.
  • Avatar for cfreak24
    @whatthafuck, you can live a perfectly normal life if you're a diabetic type 2 patient by following a healthy diet or with the use of some medication.. Type 1 is way more serious. Anyway the're back together, with Jeanne Sagan (from All That Remains) as the new guitarist! In the summer of 2012 they also played a reunion show, so the future looks very bright!
  • Avatar for JustBreathing10
    A band that was so ahead of their time. Spirals is a beast of an album.
  • Avatar for rybaddz
    check out awesome clothes: BRUTAL DESIGNS!
  • Avatar for whatthafuck
    howard will never sing any more, he has an diabetic disease...
  • Avatar for Johnnytesy
    I like the Converge and Dillinger-ish vocals but hearing this motha sing is like a spider in my ears. Nevertheless, it is good!!!
  • Avatar for thedailygrind
    Yeah, I am hoping for the same, cfreak24.
  • Avatar for cfreak24
    Maybe the new album will finally come because of Howards departure from Killswitch Engage.
  • Avatar for bmxcm
    fuck the hearsay, in desperate need of new songs and shows
  • Avatar for peliculiar
    Dispite the rumors and annoucements it seems that the band is pretty much done. Reading "The band is currently in the process of recording a new album tentatively to be released sometime in 2007." and 4 years later there is nothing is just ridiculous.
  • Avatar for chuckwagon253
    So I usually don't care about tags. But someone really tagged these guys as christian? weird. But seriously one of the heaviest bands ever.
  • Avatar for volatyle
    If Nate sang for this band it would be perfect. Favorite vocalist.
  • Avatar for dominik56
    blood has been shed without justin and howard? = shit [2]
  • Avatar for whatthafuck
    blood has been shed without justin and howard? = shit
  • Avatar for thedailygrind
    i really like mike olender's vocals, but i've had that new BBTS and FOR THE LOVE OF record with him already, so i'd prefer BHBS with howard.
  • Avatar for abstractLEGEND
    how is wetwork not on the top 15
  • Avatar for mmmmmya
    welll even without howard, rumor a bit ago was that mike olender from burnt by the sun would be on at least one song..... which would fucking rule. they can do w/o howard.
  • Avatar for thedailygrind
    i am waiting for that new stuff. i'd want it with howard, seriously. he did a fucking brutal job on the old stuff.
  • Avatar for mikuwna
    great music, so hard \m/
  • Avatar for THRaV3n
  • Avatar for LGS
    Hey. Howard, Justin. Fuck Killswitch. Write some new tunes for Blood Has Been Shed bitch!
  • Avatar for knifeintheback
    BHBS might as well be broken up.. however, in an interview with LG a couple months back, they did say something about having a bunch of new songs lined up.. I'd rather not hear anyone besides Howard on new material, honestly. I like Mike Olender but feel that his style would feel out of place. Nate Johnson is one of my favorite vocalists so he might be passable. :)
  • Avatar for AttackOfTheTom
    they need to play another show goddamned soon
  • Avatar for Laguna_Sunrise
    вокал ппц рвёт просто
  • Avatar for Khanatist
    Some people should finally realize one fact: 'Spirals' is goddamn brutal
  • Avatar for goddamnitjason
    god, i fucking love Nate, but i hope he doesnt come anywhere near BHBS. every fucking single band nate sings for, breaks up. :(
  • Avatar for Colonel_Mole
    Howie and Olender should both do it. BHBS with dual vocalists would rule.
  • Avatar for Slashburn
    Nate Johnson will sing on the new album, I'm calling it. Right after new Turmoil comes out (lol, see it's funny because neither of these albums will see the light of day ever HAHAHA OMG I SLAY MYSELF)
  • Avatar for Maquina_Muerte
    "Though busy with Killswitch Engage, the members currently involved in both bands don’t intend on ending Blood Has Been Shed. " yeah right, as if they're coming back :p
  • Avatar for KMFCM -dude WHAT?!?!???! (now, I personally liked Howie in BHBS, but shit, this would rule)
  • Avatar for twelfth_stroke
    I miss these guys, can't wait for this elusive new album.
  • Avatar for Soulfly111
    great band
  • Avatar for iateyou
    статейку перевёл. не бейте сильно) группа отличная, ждём альбом.
  • Avatar for d3c3iv3r
    Where is their new album? ;[
  • Avatar for subsonicd1sc0rd
    Need Enloco Tacoa now!
  • Avatar for Hoxerijo
    Very good relentless intensity, despite the sound still is incredibly clean and sharp. Great control.
  • Avatar for robsyme1
    how bands like this get ignored in favour of cookie cutter core bullshit is a travesty
  • Avatar for foodforcrows
    One of the heaviest bands ever. Ever see them live back in 2001? Prime. When's that new album comin out!?!
  • Avatar for BenOnUserstyles
    Good like KSE, but they are a bit headache-educing!
  • Avatar for tothevultures
  • Avatar for tothevultures
    So ridiculously underrated and underlistened (yeah it's a word, bitches). The problem with Novella is the utterly shitty production.
  • Avatar for KsEfan123
    BHBS and Killswitch Engage is making new albums due in spring 09. They're gonna be f***ing sweet
  • Avatar for Max_T_MODELS
    crushingly heavy material on both albums. i really cannot get enough of these dudes. i wish Howard Jones had stuck with BHBS, however, and never gone to Killswitch. in fact, ironically enough, i love BHBS and i only like pre-Howard Jones KsE but not any of the material they have written with him involved.
  • Avatar for sleepwalkr50187
    Doesn't seem like anyone jams Novella since the first 12 tracked are off of Spirals. I have if anyone needs.
  • Avatar for natYn0
    needmonoise LMAO !


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