• Comprehensive List of Christian Metal and Rock Bands

    1 Apr 2011, 21:15 by mrmichel0927


    This list is not all-inclusive, as I am mortal, and cannot know every band that exists, especially in the underground scene. Also, I am sure to have forgotten some. If you have a band(s) that you want me to add to the list, simply post it and I'll get around to adding it. The criteria is simply a metal or rock band that is Christian. I'm sure I'm not 100% accurate with the genres, they are a general guide to help people out. But feel free to argue with me if you think I'm crazy! The purpose of this is hopefully to provide those who like this type of music with a resource to find new bands.

    Bands with an apostrophe in their name ( ' ) will not link with last.fm code. If anyone knows a solution to this issue, please leave a shout. Otherwise, last.fm links to the band's page has been provided for your convenience. Please report broken links in the shoutbox.

    A special thank you to everyone who has suggested a band name to add to this list, which is growing all the time. Spread it around to your friends!
  • CYBER10 Metal Storm - The Epic Tales

    3 Feb 2011, 23:00 by Emerson_Olaf


    The second volume of Metal Storm brings great metal bands and mostly of them related somehow with battle, epic and fantasy themes. The sequence of songs is a real journey into that world, starting with Holy Knights, a melodic power metal from Italy and ending with Странник in a Tolkien influenced song.

    8 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:47
    Playlist length: 38 minutes 20 seconds

    Playlist files:

    1. Holy Knights - Gate Through The Past (6:16)
    2. Excess Pressure - Stormbringer (5:36)
    3. Blood Covenant - Holy Sanctuary (5:46)
    4. Asgardão - Dream of Glory (4:21)
    5. Garegin - Anticrisis (3:56)
    6. Immortal Choir - Beyond the Mist (5:40)
    7. Nirah - Wiedźma (3:45)
    8. Странник - Returning in Rivendell (3:00)

    Download CYBER10 Metal Storm - The Epic Tales

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  • CYBER10 Extreme

    14 Jan 2011, 17:30 by Emerson_Olaf


    The net-label CYBER10 has organized a new compilation, this time uniting bands of the extreme metal style, which includes Death, Black, Folk, Doom, Trash and it's sub-genres of metal. The first is the armenian Blood Covenant with a powerful and symphonic black metal and the last one is the finnish MistGuide with a melancholic, noisy and deep drone/doom.

    10 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:35
    Playlist length: 45 minutes 59 seconds

    Playlist files:

    1. Blood Covenant - The Old Cross (Colassians 2:14-15) (3:28)
    2. Franz Josef Land - Still Not North Enough (4:40)
    3. Segor - Save Me, oh God (4:34)
    4. Skyroad - False way (3:58)
    5. Hawthorn - Eternal Lord (5:41)
    6. Krig - Dilacerated (2:58)
    7. Surmount Darkness - Emperador Eterno (7:13)
    8. My Darkest Time - Rather Fear Him (3:39)
    9. Clamor - Face do Engano (4:09)
    10. MistGuide - Examination (5:39)