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Dieter Geike was born on December 25, 1946 and lives in Bad Oldesloe, Germany. He plays the Guitar, Keyboards, Bass. His band members include Doris Rickmers (bass) & Holmer Harms (drums). Blonker's real name is Dieter Geike, but it's always been Blonker!"

In the face of digitalized and computerized music technology, the old guitar has had a remarkable renaissance in the popular music of the Nineties. This renaissance logically had its effect on the long tradition of those pop instrumentals that feature the guitar as the song´s melodic centre, like Duane Eddy`s "Rebel Rouser", The Shadows and "Apache", The Spotnicks and "Amapola", Peter Green´s legendary "Albatros" as well as the radio classic "Jessica" of The Allman Brothers Band down to Carlos Santana and his "Samba Pa Ti" or Joe Satriani´s "Cryin". Whenever the great guitar-instrumentals in the history of European popular music are discussed, one name and one track must be mentioned: "Blonker" and "Indigo".

In the late Seventies the young group from Hamburg surprised the world with that laid back, gently melancholic piece titled "Indigo". Without a big promotion campaign "Indigo" became a massive airplay hit and was soon considered a classic of its genre.

In 1979 "Blonker" turned from a regular group into a one-man-project. Dieter Geike, the man who had written "Indigo" and defined the sound of the band with his immaculate guitar playing, carried on alone and started a quiet, but impressive solo career.

Since the creation of the gem "Indigo", Geike alias "Blonker" has further developed and refined his vision of beautiful, timeless, melodic instrumental guitar music on a series of highly acclaimed and successful albums.

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