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According to the Wikipedia of the song I Touch Myself: "it is notable that Blondie is erroneously listed as having sung this song - and is attributed as such on some notable lyrics and online radio web sites. There is no reliable evidence to support the presence of a Blondie cover of this song, especially impossible due to the band having broken up 9 years prior to its release" Furthermore, ""I Touch Myself" is a 1991 single by the Australian rock… read more


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  • As good as Yellow by Oasis.
  • Sorry for being stupid. Jesús.
  • This is Blondie 100%. They hid under secret disguise...like superheros of Marvels and DC. This is Blondie! Haters!!!!
  • I don't know what's worse - the fact that 20% of this song's listeners don't even know who they're listening to, or the fact that last.fm still haven't corrected it yet. [2] HAHAHAHAAHAHA In my last, they put that "I touch myself" is of Blondie.
  • lol @ all the people who think this is Blondie
  • epic fail.
  • I don't care who sang this song, it's just fantastic.
  • "LMAO @ how many people have this tagged as Blondie!!! including me haha!" LMAO MINE SAID "THE PRETENDERS" :) people should buy music,,
  • Use the "Suggest correction" link - artist is Divinyls
  • this is beyond a joke. One of the most common tagging mistakes ever:-/

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