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  • Avatar for samarkand2004
    Nice new discovery here! Love blondes? Gold, etc) ! Big 2015 one track Rein seems to be very.. special & unique too.. to follow, np :)
  • Avatar for EnderFoShowYo
    blondes are great [2]
  • Avatar for smokethecosmos
    blondes are great for car rides
  • Avatar for maledin
    these dudes put on an awesome set at Moogfest! it was in the Diana Wortham theatre, a typically seating-only venue (a rule which is annoyingly enforced by security there). the crowd defied this norm and a dance party broke out at the front of the venue. amazing stuff.
  • Avatar for affasf
    Poland <3
  • Avatar for caffeineandvase
    best techno records 2013
  • Avatar for Cormannn
    Swisher was featured on my blog:
  • Avatar for Gothinet
    Paradise City ♥ Wine ♥
  • Avatar for flyingfader
  • Avatar for InKursion
    didn't really like the first longplayer... but this new one is really nice. eddies of sound.
  • Avatar for EnderFoShowYo
    it was gr8 btw
  • Avatar for EnderFoShowYo
    there is never enough info, mushin.
  • Avatar for Murvin01
    "Swisher" is such a nicely layered & textured LP.
  • Avatar for Amoide
    nice fly swisher
  • Avatar for EnderFoShowYo
    Swisher come at me while car dwelling on acid + k @ Bisco.
  • Avatar for EnderFoShowYo
    holy pewps
  • Avatar for itstariq
    Had no idea this album was even coming out. High hopes!
  • Avatar for takakayu
    Wow a new album out of nowhere and it's really nice!
  • Avatar for iisforivan
    west coast tour plz
  • Avatar for Skanking_Skippy
    So mainly only a s/t and "Touched" album-wise? NEED. MORE.
  • Avatar for Massive_Anus
    another album would be cool sometime soon. please?
  • Avatar for erikisPSYCHO
    I feel like they need to do more press.
  • Avatar for JeffRawrs
    Amber is glorious.
  • Avatar for EnderFoShowYo
    I love Blondes.
  • Avatar for Edutainment
    And to think i was expecting some effete 100% Silk BS. This is excellent stuff.
  • Avatar for apacce
    the andy stott remix is top notch
  • Avatar for arejay86
    really fell for the cosmic downtempo vibe on Touched EP, the self titled album is def. more stripped down and club friendly but still very good. A few of the remixes (Bicep and Robert Miles to name two) are amazing too. Need to see these guys live.
  • Avatar for mexicology
    one of the best in this year. brilliant
  • Avatar for post-wizardry
    "i find them to be quite lackluster" maybe but the SFV Acid remix is the best thing on the album imo
  • Avatar for tekknoveteran
    wow. what a discovery
  • Avatar for FilipSailor
    the best
  • Avatar for j_brodu
    and yes, certainly one of the year's best.
  • Avatar for j_brodu
    it'd odd how so many reviews advertise the remixes as being the highlight; i find them to be quite lackluster, particularly in relation to the original songs.
  • Avatar for mexicology
    1 of the best in this year!
  • Avatar for mexicology
    чуть не пропустил этот альбом в этом году. на ровне с john talabot. отличный релиз!
  • Avatar for j_brodu
    great stuff
  • Avatar for monkey_donkey
  • Avatar for GlacierOcean
    Not sure what to make of the remix album but the first CD is quality
  • Avatar for mancvsso
    [ exponencial ]
  • Avatar for latenightbus
    About time someone did E2-E4 for a new generation, wonderful stuff. If you like this and haven't heard Manuel Göttsching or Harald Grosskopf, I'd suggest you dig them out. Regardless, this is wonderful stuff.
  • Avatar for straightola
    ive a ticket up for grabs for tonight at the shacklewell arms, hit me up
  • Avatar for nicklon
    go blondes
  • Avatar for pinkalba
    Those remixes are top notch!
  • Avatar for dashd-sh1
    yeah andy stott remix is my fave. top stuff
  • Avatar for apacce
    andy stott remix is fire
  • Avatar for Fritzel
    remixes are amazing
  • Avatar for Killia
    I think I like it.
  • Avatar for kutox1
    The album is fantastic - first listen and I'm hooked
  • Avatar for takakayu
    Only two new tracks? Those remixes are good though.
  • Avatar for newage08
    the new album is pretty good :)))))


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