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  • This song during the peak of a Psilocybin experience will be the day you will reborn.
  • Could really do with a superextended remix. Half an hour would do me fine.
  • One of those songs I am always happy to have stuck in my head
  • Nice song ^^
  • Oh damn I thought this is 'we need to turn'!
  • the build up to 'we need to talk' [2]
  • like the german version,too!
  • this vocal is similar to Chicane - Don't Give Up [2]
  • This sounds a lot like Hadouken! [2] one of my favourite tracks ever
  • the intro is pure magic
  • Latitude Festival 2013 Friday night headliners. This was IMMENSE.
  • amazing
  • the build up to 'we need to talk'
  • This sounds a lot like Hadouken!
  • one of the greatest songs ever made tbh
  • Second best Bloc Party song after Helicopter? [2]
  • The best song EVER!
  • Second best Bloc Party song after Helicopter?
  • i miss this
  • Great Tune! Amazing!
  • My favorite Bloc Party song at the moment :)
  • We were hoping for some romance all we found was more dispair <3
  • we need to taaaaalk [3]
  • we need to taaaaalk [2]
  • Can 't wait for their reunion and next album
  • this one always reminds me of the london night life
  • Absolute tune! Neck your beers and dance away!!
  • we need to taaaaalk
  • We must talk about our problems, we are in a state of Flux.
  • ... Awesome!
  • Awesome song, epic video. I especially like the goofy looking man at the beginning playing the keyboard. He is my idol.
  • when music geniuses use autotune, the song will sounds so fcking awesome!
  • i like it like it)
  • I agree...the use of the autotune is not needed. It just interferes with Kele's amazing voice.
  • epic epic epic!
  • XGT
    perfect song to dance to
  • "if your right hand is causing you pain"... its probably about time you stopped wanking.
  • another great band
  • cocaine.
  • one of my faves lately :)
  • Wow, I'm in love with this song! Bloc Party rocks but daaaang :)
  • the only downside of this song is the autotune. Kele doesn't neede autotune so there was no point!
  • This song is so awesome.
  • <3
  • We were hoping for some romance!
  • Sick song and sick video.
  • great song
  • <333
  • best!!
  • Well, I kinda like that auto-tune shit in the verses. Sounds like Kayne West or something though. The chorus blows.


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