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Bloc Party



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  • I was avoiding this album because the reviews said it sucked, but when I gave it a try surprisingly I really dig it
  • This album sucked hard.
  • I don't understand how can anyone dislike this album. It is just fantastic. I love Bloc Party and i was very happy that they can keep up on doing good music after a Silent Alarm.
  • The diversity of styles might be a bit overwhelming at first, but it gets more and more consistent as you dig deeper [3] The best Bloc Party album imo.
  • good album
  • how are all these people saying this album is disappointing? It's FANFUCKINGTASTIC, so much awesome riffing mixed in with their traditional melancholy tracks. this mix, plus the album-worthy bonus tracks make for an epic album. seriously didn't think these guys were capable of sounding so.. metal. wow :)
  • izbaci uljeza!
  • much better than ''Intimacy'' and in some parts than ''Weekend(...)'' and half listeners less from last lp, WTF?
  • Bof
  • #15 on my list: http://infinitycat.tumblr.com/post/36719266156/top-20-albums-of-2012#notes
  • In my top 5 albums of 2012. Amazing but my least favourite Bloc Party album overall.
  • Weak, only Kettling is kinda good and Truth is ok
  • Eu Gostei
  • The diversity of styles might be a bit overwhelming at first, but it gets more and more consistent as you dig deeper [2] so true, this album is definitely a grower. wasn't a huge fan at first listen but i really love it now.
  • i wasn't expecting such a great album like that, four is damn awesome!!
  • I only like this because it's Bloc Party really. Not amazing, but very pleasant listening indeed.
  • Wow.
  • This is fantastic!!
  • it's the mid 2000s sound, so i liked it. some songs (real talk) remembered me tapes n tapes. octopus is addictive.
  • Спочатку здалося, що лайно. Але послухавши більше одного разу альбом дуже зачепив.
  • вы что-то попутали. this album is awesome!
  • i really didnt like this album at first, kinda thinking they missed the ball on this one... but then you keep listening to it and now its one of those albums im listening to heaps.
  • Bad? Disappointing? Seriously, listen to it more than once, let it blossom and grow on you. It's a truly amazing record, but it's definitely not flawless and gets cheesy at times, on some tracks they're just 'trying too hard' to rock on. The diversity of styles might be a bit overwhelming at first, but it gets more and more consistent as you dig deeper. Still, I love it how Kele's voice has matured since their debut.
  • Bad album. But nevertheless there are some good moments: The Healing, for example.
  • less electro, more rock - they did everything right.
  • Что-то разочаровывающе получилось. Очень уж заунывно все как-то..
  • Team A's = Beautifully New and Sexy
  • disappointing :(
  • Better than Intimacy.
  • love coliseum!!!!! awesome track!
  • Is the new stuff any good? the last album sucked
  • Dafür wurde Musik erfunden! Lasst uns über Musik nachdenken, nicht über Waffen, das ist der Beweis!
  • Foda
  • It's very metal at times, but I kinda like it. And I wasnt a big fan of Intimacy. Still no chance against Silent Alarm and Weekend though.
  • so worth waiting! I don't want to compare to the other albums. It's Bloc Party. That's all that counts.
  • GREAT! Much better than Intimacy.
  • wow
  • Finally! A thousands steps up from Intimacy! I like the bonus tracks too.
  • So happy with this return, but how did Leaf Skeleton not make the cut?! at least over coliseum
  • Four! Freedom! *-----*
  • AMAZING ALBUM! Only behind silent alarm
  • very good album. Tied up with A Weekend In The City for the second spot.
  • наконец то дождался!отличный альбом!
  • Great album.
  • Loving yet another new evolution in sound...this time grungy rock n' roll. Coliseum/We Are Not Good People/Kettling/3x3 Make me very happy.
  • It's like Silent Alarm if they took out all the good tracks.
  • 4 out of 10 trololol i joke
  • I'm assuming the real reason this is called 'Four' co's that's exactly the number of decent tracks on it?
  • the bonus tracks are better than a lot of the songs that made the final cut. having said that, i'm really liking this new one.


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