• Review: Blissey ~ Comfort Egg

    2 Jul 2010, 00:25 by Drayano

    Comfort Egg is the second 2010 release of Irish band Blissey, containing famed solo artist Blissey as well as family members and other members of the band. The album contains seven original tracks and one cover, breaking records compared to older albums in the band's discography.

    Track #1: Blissey vs Society
    The opening track of the album specializes in Blissey's fight against society, teaming up with Ludicolo to fight against the customs and thoughts that civilization behold. Recalling past experiences all the while, Blissey gives her views on society with funky music in the background, as well as showing off yet more powers of her ever more legendary pussy. This modern nightlife track sets a starting tone for the album that differs greatly from that in Five Times, giving a calm approach in favour of the rageful personality that Blissey emitted in the last album's first track (Mario Song.)

    Track Rating - 7.5/10

    Track #2: Catatonic Blissey Armageddon
  • Review: Blissey ~ Five Times

    2 Jun 2010, 12:43 by Drayano

    The second release of band Blissey, known as Five Times, sees an EP with five tracks come onto the playing field. The album is certainly an interesting collection of music to listen to, with each track having its own melodies and very distinct lyrics, giving listeners a very wide range of songs to pick a favourite from.

    1) Mario Song
    The album opens up with the very introductory Mario Song, where Blissey tells of her fantasies of death for Mario & Luigi, well known plumbers of the Mushroom Kingdom. Using a wide range of octaves in combination with backing instruments making reference to music from the widely acclaimed Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario Song provides an excellent introduction to the album, preparing users for the other four solid tracks to follow.

    Song Rating: 8/10

    2) Koopa Clearan
    The second track gets us into the center of the action, where Blissey continues to tell listeners to eat her shit, all the while insulting those she dislikes. …