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  • Avatar for N-Devil
    According to, there are 63 (!!!) artists under the name "Bliss" - and I think it's not all of them :)
  • Avatar for Raddi27
    60s psychedelic garage band >>>>>>>>
  • Avatar for Mystictide
    Don't people atleast google their band's name beforehand?
  • Avatar for MjuSIC
    ...oh my god...
  • Avatar for KavishSins
    Thx Vsauce [2]
  • Avatar for GreyGrooves
    Thx Vsauce
  • Avatar for osmark
    13 fucking artists? it's not that great a bandname
  • Avatar for WiTHiNt
    trippin ballzzz
  • Avatar for keate14
  • Avatar for Klliope
    13 artists named bliss lololololol !
  • Avatar for y0803
  • Avatar for Elisisciousz
    ♥ Just fantastic.... "Sleep will come" Epic....
  • Avatar for Louliett
    I just love their music
  • Avatar for BreakfastPills
  • Avatar for cojejnieznaja
    I will not be more original than the other commenters here. I love Bliss, especially their song Kissing. I think it's beautiful. Harmonious and oryginlany.
  • Avatar for SarahSelas
    14 bands in the description & not one of them is the Bliss Im listening to .. ? that's just sad :D
  • Avatar for liver_failure
    nostalgic shit
  • Avatar for XEMPP
    Bliss – They Made History (Mehmet Akar Remix) >>> this is not Bliss that you could hear, but I can't do not share this track, I love this so much! It's most beautiful track ever that I heard!
  • Avatar for no_such_thing
    the greek guys are amazing.
  • Avatar for Aggressor242
    Chillout Bliss. Wish U Were Here can be played on repeat forerver,
  • Avatar for AineTheMoon
    Trust In Your Love <3 [2] оно так глубоко
  • Avatar for Robert161989
    psychedelic bluesrock band Bliss
  • Avatar for Lisbeth-
    Recently, I found a song what was called Bliss - You and I fell in love with it :( But now it's removed every music portal I just found here but it's small version. (30 seconds) Would you like to help me :(
  • Avatar for Genosouke
    Bliss - Mivahetsek (feat Lisbeth Scott)... just listen... and think everything about your life and future...
  • Avatar for zyclonben
    zubits is a tard
  • Avatar for Civkaburka
  • Avatar for satekhi
    Speechless...It's just amazing
  • Avatar for pchla_szahrajka
    Trust In Your Love <3
  • Avatar for senolataniu
    This is Breathe :)
  • Avatar for HichamBadri
    Awesomeness !
  • Avatar for aMAt_0ry
    bliss psy projct ofc
  • Avatar for zubits
    90% of the people from here prefere Bliss psytrance project. tsc. FAIL
  • Avatar for zyclonben
    psytrance Bliss ftw
  • Avatar for Decadence_Lord
    I' ve been sodomised by a nigger
  • Avatar for Billek
    14. Grunge may not have yet become a universal language, but it's translated credibly enough for Montreal's Bliss (Colin Burnett, David Bryant, Michael Stevenson, Sylvain Bouthilliette), whose "Grafted to an Elbow" (1993) is 11 tracks of grinding post-melodic post-punk. Produced by Chicago rancor-rock godfather Steve Albini, "Grafted to an Elbow" is oblique yet vehement, its unease with contemporary society conveyed more by TV- damaged titles like "Nature's Gentle Regulator" than by the cryptic, fragmentary lyrics spit out by [artist]David Bryant[/artist] (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Set Fires To Flames).
  • Avatar for dreamer4ever7
    "Quiet Letters" & "No One Built This Moment" can be on 'repeat' for hours.
  • Avatar for SchermannJulia
  • Avatar for Gaja73
    wonderful music
  • Avatar for inkogneto
    Очень ....... очень люблю !!!!!!!
  • Avatar for earthcrossing
    Still dreaming of a day when we get separate profiles!
  • Avatar for vaughnvhalen
    <><><><><><><><><><><><><> Dreamin for hours with this group !!<><>:":"][}{}{
  • Avatar for Andrey-77
    Мне нравится.
  • Avatar for olma-olma
    ideal for sleepless nights
  • Avatar for Helmut21
    so, where is the Psytrance dj Bliss? fail profile
  • Avatar for dolce4
    Ohhh kissing.. i love that song ♥
  • Avatar for dany_f87
    "So Still" is extremely beautiful.
  • Avatar for chansonduprinte
    amazing music! i love the sound! simple and great :)
  • Avatar for qwerty1488
    Please come to Russia in Saint Petersburg) [3]
  • Avatar for Cat_Schrodinger
    Please come to Russia in Saint Petersburg) [2]
  • Avatar for Rezikler
    Please come to Russia in Saint Petersburg)


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