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  • Avatar for cookedbacon
    really fortunate that he recorded so much music before his death
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
    Cheers for the tip @charlierobertss, I'll look into them.
  • Avatar for charlierobertss
    Check out Homer Quincy Smith and Washington Phillips if you want music similar to this
  • Avatar for IrvyMalone
    Incredible, he was such an amazing artist. At first, I was just curious to hear how the 20's blues would sound. And what an experience.
  • Avatar for LauraMarx
    thank you, Willie Johnson, for the music. RIP <3
  • Avatar for TheRockers
    When The War Was On, a masterpiece!
  • Avatar for irotas
    Introducing new group [group]Fingerpickin' Good Blues[/group] representing this artist and many other great ones. Enjoy!
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
    I haven't been moved like this by Music for a long time. Really beautiful raw emotion. I really like his songs featuring his wife. Take your stand is just excellent. To the user saying he can;t hear any similarities between BWJ and Tom Waits' voice.. probably need to get your ears checked mate. By the way there's a kickstarter campaign to record covers of BWJ songs and Tom Waits is doing a few tracks (soul of a man and john the revelator):
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Cool Music
  • Avatar for i_Walk
    Discover in House of Card, thanks Franck Underwood ;)
  • Avatar for Herou
    this is it. the realest.
  • Avatar for Mampato
    Delta blues is THE SHIT.
  • Avatar for Oppressotron
    They used BWJ in the new cosmos series... YOU DAMN RIGHT!
  • Avatar for KiffKong
    The comparison is irrelevant. Johnson's voice grooves like the growl of a bass string, Waits sings like he had facial palsy.
  • Avatar for vyache1984
    Да далеко вашему Вейтсу до этого человека. [3]
  • Avatar for Carpe4Diem
    Да далеко вашему Вейтсу до этого человека. [2]
  • Avatar for timothybarnes
    No, Ducharme88, I picked up on that too.
  • Avatar for Ducharme88
    Am I the only one hearing Tom Waits voice?
  • Avatar for MJtheRevelator
    @A1000Mistakes: The Spiritual Four Quartet of Thamstown, Georgia also do a stellar rendition of "John the Revelator." I never tire of Blind Willie Johnson's version, though.
  • Avatar for ColonelTheSlav
    @MathianSim: delta blues is a specific style of blues. It doesn't matter where you are from if you play it.
  • Avatar for A1000Mistakes
    John the Revelator
  • Avatar for MathianSim
    He was a Texan, so isn't this Texas Blues, not Delta Blues ???
  • Avatar for ut0
  • Avatar for biomorfo
    oh dear goodness!
  • Avatar for SIRIUSACMA
    He simply greatest.
  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    "god nonsense" - you people are fucking unbearable
  • Avatar for Tenkka
    So raw and beautiful at the same time, these melodies are haunting me.
  • Avatar for Insight420
    Eh, I'll put up with the god nonsense for the sake of the tunes, and the guitar.
  • Avatar for bonnie_jamie
    Idiocy in full effect in this shoutbox
  • Avatar for zwurbelkurbel
  • Avatar for Son_Of_KAI-us
  • Avatar for Spectacolos
    the last comment disgust me, and I am as atheist as they get. :)
  • Avatar for erdiawan
    great, raw sound. too bad he was a jebus-creeper. [2] lol
  • Avatar for Dezibelchen
    Now I know from whom [artist]Tom Waits[/artist] borrowed his voice.
  • Avatar for VK1990
    John the Revelator
  • Avatar for samthethe
    Yes he does sound like someone "slashed his throat", but his voice is still 1000x better to listen to than the crap on the X factor - the contrast with his wife's voice on "John The Revelator" creates something special which modern pop/chart can't achieve in the slightest.
  • Avatar for hape60
    emo? why not... at least a comment with a original thought. not that stupid web-"awsome" thing. for me he's not emo, too raw. maybe skip james is emo. maybe :-))
  • Avatar for naattorri
    Really amazing guitar player.
  • Avatar for aannette
    my favorite amongst the blind willies
  • Avatar for ivanmon
  • Avatar for ivanmon
    you just don't understand it...
  • Avatar for ivanmon
    this is emo
  • Avatar for franciscoross
    É pau viola...
  • Avatar for MarinaBertucci
    Emo, wtf
  • Avatar for memristor
  • Avatar for postyman86
    and that last comment put a smile on my face :D
  • Avatar for rabbeaton
    That last comment is the height of retardation.
  • Avatar for snatchwhiz
    this guy is the godfather of emo.
  • Avatar for flamengulfing
    God bless him.
  • Avatar for Echos_Myron
    Blind Willi Johnson sounds like someone slashed his throat and he is spewing blood from where his vocal chords once were, but he still can't stop singing the blues.


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