Damn, it’s been a long time

22 Feb 2011 | from

Yup, it’s been too long. It’s been a running joke on here that we pay less attention to this blog than the backlog of alimony payments Craig must have for all the baby-making incidents he’s had throughout the years but it’s time we got caught up.

Not to say that there hasn’t been any news either, because there has been a shit ton. I’ll work in some back-dated blogs in the coming weeks to get our thoughts up to speed on stuff that went down in the past few months but for now, let’s just get everyone up to speed on what the dizzle in the world of Blind Robbery.

First, we have a new website. It’s at the same address as the old website. That’s for all you future astronauts that couldn’t figure that one out for yourselves. It’s got a sleek new look for 2011. I’ve always wanted to say that. Anyway, the BR fun page is back in operation so check it out and if you have anything for it, shoot Holmes an email at

Second, we are recording the third album and have been since late November. Drum, tracks are almost done and not too shabby I might add. We decided to go the same way we did on Crooked Numbers and record it ourselves, outside of a proper studio and assume full creative control. That’s a nice way of saying that we are broke and enjoy crediting ourselves on the record as ‘ producers’ ‘ engineers’ and ‘ additional cowbell’. The project does not yet have officially have a name but that might not be the case for much longer. We have a tentative release date of Summer 2011.

Third, we are beginning to get around like the sort of crabs that aren’t crustaceans. Click on our gig calendar on the right to see where we can be served with legal papers in a public setting…or you could just come to a show. Info on shows will be posted in the coming days.

Our good friends Elvis & Alfred were decent enough to feature us on their podcast. Get all up in their business here And like them on Facebook. Now, we were decent enough to give them a free plug so I guess we are even.

I was also almost on Chad Kushins’ new podcast called I Hate It Here last night except for the whole part of the show where we use technology to make things happen. Listen to the interview that almost was here . Chad has publicaly stated that he will have me on in the future, but only time will tell.

That’s all that you people are going to get out of me today. I'm going to fix me up a sammich.


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