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  • Avatar for stephanie092
    miss them in live.. <3
  • Avatar for RiffmasterRick
    Germany's finest.
  • Avatar for Keeganab
  • Avatar for RhaneeRoss
    Great band, big thanks to all!
  • Avatar for microtesla
    Deutschland Stronk
  • Avatar for Re-create
    too strong
  • Avatar for Cynical_Biscuit
    Lord Hansi <3
  • Avatar for tnthuman
  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
    just epic!!!
  • Avatar for wayrams
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    "Great trees have great roots" goes a popular saying in my town
  • Avatar for Lestarstrauss
    Still amazed with the epic records from the 1980's. Great bands have great roots.
  • Avatar for Farkasok
    Saw them for the first time yesterday. They were great. Hopefully they don't take five years to come back to the US.
  • Avatar for lynxxyarly
    Saw these guys in Dallas last night (11/24/2015). These guys still have the enthusiasm!
  • Avatar for microtesla
    cool band to see live. Saw them in San Francisco and Sacramento back to back
  • Avatar for Guilram
    Last concert in São Paulo was a real blast. These guys never disappoint.
  • Avatar for lh_santoss
    Melhor banda, melhor show!
  • Avatar for CarlaSalim_
    Dá até uma tristeza ouvir BG depois de ter sido barrada no show em Curitiba e perder o show (e dinheiro também) :s
  • Avatar for RodrigoTodescat
    06/1002015 POA, foi loco!
  • Avatar for SirJane
    We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Avatar for EnthusedPanda
    I think's new beta phase is misrepresenting track reports. If you look at the top 50 tracks, Beyond the Red Mirror, Follow the Blind, and Battalions of Fear are all missing, except for "Valhalla", which is probably coming from live releases. This is obviously incorrect as Beyond the Red Mirror in its entirety was in the top 10 until just before the beta phase. That said FTB is a solid album, but it's just a minuscule snapshot of a way they sounded for a few years. It doesn't really embody their aesthetic. If the charts were fixed I would say Valhalla would be at least in the top 5, and Banish From Sanctuary top 15, at least.
  • Avatar for MrReznov
    There should be more songs from Follow the Blind in the top 10, it's one of their best albums.
  • Avatar for mattimek
    new album is quite good
  • Avatar for Sovspot
    This band must have spoiled power metal for me. Their quality is so good that other power metal bands just can't compete.
  • Avatar for RaulXMihai
    Happy birthday Hansi \\m/
  • Avatar for harbobimus
    See you at Wacken 2016 :)
  • Avatar for valkyrie199
    Chega logo, outubro!
  • Avatar for turnupthenight
    I don't see why Hansi doesn't play bass still, at least in the studio. he was great on the early albums!
  • Avatar for MrReznov
    Can't wait to see them again
  • Avatar for Alice_North
    damn, Follow The Blind is a truly masterpiece.
  • Avatar for shalotka
    "Bliss & Beauty" also they have a thing with flying ;)
  • Avatar for TheWinterWake
    1.000 <3..aunque me demoré 8 años >:
  • Avatar for HeavenTaichou
    i will travel again to Argentina to watch them again... <3
  • Avatar for Abroxas
    The usage of determination in The Throne is bodacious though.
  • Avatar for Jakeukalane
    Media: 81
  • Avatar for Jordy666sic
    @Irytka Lol was actually about to comment on that.. They also seem to be huge Twin Peaks fans. "Fire walk with me" is sung twice on the new album (The Ninth Wave and Sacred Mind)
  • Avatar for valkyrie199
    Meu Deus, mal posso esperar pra ver esses putos ao vvo
  • Avatar for Porpse
    Thank you for the best live show in my live.
  • Avatar for Predelnik
    @Pyfesgh Well not that I have problem with that, I just got the impression from first couple of listens that this album is something I've been really wanting to hear from them for a long time, looked at wiki page and saw that it got impressibly high scores from critics. Then read fan opinions here and in some other places and saw that a lot are not that impressed and have complaints about sound etc. Well I guess the lesson learnt - predicting people's opinion is something I'll never be good at :) And of course I'm very excited to see their perofrmance this Friday no matter what :)
  • Avatar for Stefunal
    @lrytka, don't you forget 'bout "deliverance".
  • Avatar for shalotka
    This tour was my third Blind Guardian show, but the first one so close to the stage and the first time to meet the band, I'm sooo going full fangirl again *.* Love. Much. Wow.
  • Avatar for Pyfesgh
    @Irytka so true lol.
  • Avatar for Irytka
    @Stefunal, they're also kind of stuck to the word 'forevermore'
  • Avatar for Stefunal
    And they obviously seem to love the word "determination".
  • Avatar for Stefunal
    That new album amazes me every time I listen to it. Needed something around 10 spins to get into it, though.
  • Avatar for bluegrassishhh
    @dark_wisdom Don't really have much impact on what photos get voted up, and what genres I like aren't relevant. Actually, nothing you said was relevant to my comment in any way. This isn't tumblr.
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    They did an amazing show in Bulgaria. The songs from the new album sounded so good live,Blind Guardian are the best!! <3 [2]
  • Avatar for Dragnivat
    They did an amazing show in Bulgaria. The songs from the new album sounded so good live,Blind Guardian are the best!! <3
  • Avatar for CrionicImpaler
    @Predelnik: Haters (most of them).
  • Avatar for Pyfesgh
    @Predelnik I'm REALLY trying to like it but it just hasn't worked for me. So far I've liked At The Edge of Time and The Throne, and even they're not as good as previous album songs. Any recommendations?


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