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Blind Faith

Can't Find My Way Home (3:16)


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  • Tishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Get a cab home
  • Where uuuia's long as Coldplay and Wuthering heights a Christmas party and I want a Meditation kid coughing and the control plays with the chesterfield sofas minus the Meditation Opera film about the friend of my body and give me and I
  • Where kingsground the place to stay there if fruity Cia eggs and yellow foods to the beach resort of my body cut open to let them know about the friend who owns a good father to either of your pockets of after hearing this when exercise of
  • Walk through the nice estate
  • There were many nites I couldn t find my way home! The 70 s were a great time!
  • i am that old to! far out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Blissfully farout. *smiles just so*
  • Clapton, Baker and Winwood....what a great combination...of course, anything with Clapton would be great...he IS god, afterall....
  • love it (15)
  • am i really getting that old , i guess i am just a old hippie
  • "Crowley, you got him into this mess, you will get him out, or so help me God"
  • hell ya!!!!!! it just played live at hyde park version
  • This is Groovy
  • I love this Song !!! Everrytime
  • Spaced Out.
  • Ginger "Snaps" ... 17 of 'em, Mates ... Sounds pretty good on the ol' d( * _ *)b this time around. Or turn it up on the ol' Home Theater. Per usual. Your choice. Tishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • COPADO!!!
  • Steve winwood!
  • long way...
  • great song
  • Fantastic song!... Brings back great memories.Thanks Boys.
  • love it (11)
  • this isn't the original.
  • GREAT!!!
  • Man, what a song!
  • Quoting yourself? Sad.
  • love it (10)
  • Blind Faith
  • love it (9)
  • love it (8)
  • That "other guy" was bassist extraordinaire Ric Grech. Multi-talented on other instruments,too. Tishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • Lol @ Pogo,good one
  • I may find my way home...somebody holds the key:)
  • sometimes, you just gotta have blind faith to find your way home.
  • http://youtu.be/hsfBWeCt7fg Original, try this you'll love it.
  • love it (7)
  • OK Nico Rebel, let us make it a lucky 7. love it (7)
  • can you say "synergy" ?
  • what a great bit of history! Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood and that other guy......together......holy cats!
  • love it (6)
  • Super track for the supergroup.
  • got this one gem on vinyl, its a must have.
  • love it (5)
  • Now that was a supergroup!
  • love it (4)
  • love it (3)
  • Tishhhhhhhhhhh
  • love it (3)
  • love it (2)


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