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Overlord Nasty Metatheos and Black Christ are brothers, they were both involved in Bloody Ritual.

On Honor the anus of Mary
And Par le sang du christ:
Lord Diabolus - Drums
Storm - Bass

On Melancholia:
Serge - Session drums
Storm - Bass

On Odes Obscures:
Torregrosa - Guitar
Fred - Guitar
Amaobscuradeo - Keyboard
Krof - drums (Emptyness (Fra), Maleficum Orgia) etc..

On A Tribute To Euronymous
And Unholy Rehearsal:
Necromass - vocals
Thanatos - guitar
Astaroth - drums
Amaobscuradeo - Keyboard
Dreamlord - Guitars (1997-1999)
Xaphan - Guest vocal - live (Seigneur Voland) etc..

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