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  • Like the new album, such good news they made this record
  • up t'bloody tree
  • I found a treasure. Very good.
  • @Spill-T bollocks to you,
  • Good band, but not an album band. A singles band, yes. A greatest hits album band, definitely.
  • feel me now, feel the pain... excellent
  • симпатичный попсовый синтипоп. ничего выдающегося, но мне нравится.
  • Whether it be the 80s 'Happy Families', 'Mange Tout', 'Believe You Me' or the more recent 'Blanc Burn', I love Blancmange.
  • Elegância.
  • "i can see it" rare remix i found -
  • so good. Happy Families = me p happy
  • The Day Before You Came <3 what a tuuuneee!
  • [url=] ELECTRO PEARLS [/url]
  • Did these guys get stripped out of the rotation? I can't get any of their songs to show up in their own station anymore.
  • I'm up a bloody tree
  • saw them touring mange tout in 82/83 at Norwich UEA,couldnt get to Cambridge looking forward to hearing the new CD heard some good reviews, like they really count.
  • this band's been name-dropped a lot during The Great La Roux Incident of 2009, so i'm going to assume this new record is a way of cashing in on their short return to the (relative) limelight. kinda like getting high on second hand smoke, only probably more embarrassing.
  • Saw them last night in Cambridge - Wow! Neil is the nicest man in pop
  • Great gig @ Manchester Academy!
  • yeah
  • "Waves" is perfect
  • They are touring next year , wooooooohoooo
  • New track available...
  • good news!
  • I will always love "Waves"
  • Very good stuff.! Beats the usual drone rubbish.!
  • I want to sleep in Neil Arthur's hair.
  • He looks like the guy in Eraserhead and I love that.
  • Slowly becoming one of my favorite groups.
  • I totally wrote this band off as a human league knock-off but they've got some really good tunes.
  • New Wave that feels so Now Wave!!
  • After playing the vinyl for so many years, it's nice that Edsel put all three albums out on cd.
  • Lose Your Love!
  • Underrated!!!
  • Don't Tell Me love it.
  • This is my first exposure to Blancmange - Indeed, I am impressed. It's a shame they didn't reach my radio airwaves as Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, and Erasure had, in the days of yore. I don't go by charts, but Living on the Ceiling is well, a song that really moved me. I faved it.
  • Blancmange - Drive Me (2009) here ---------->
  • Here’s a demo & a little More: Here are a few tracks for your ears. ‘holiday camp’ first appeared on irene and mavis, our first and only ep, released in 1980. this version was recorded in 2005. it remains unmixed. ‘All things are nice’ is taken from the album ‘mange tout’. ‘Coffee’ is a demo of a new track to be released and let run wild in 2009. fingers crossed! We don’t rush, do we?
  • Im so tall im so tall, you raised me and than u let me fall ...or someting like this ..anyway great song
  • Irene & Mavis is the best ; )
  • "The Day Before You Came", the best cover ever!!
  • no songs anymore fully played here...That's a big pity at all!!
  • happy families is the shiz
  • Lubie muzyke z tamtych lat i o tym brzmieniu
  • Lose your love 12" is really delicious....
  • Feel Me- my favourite track of theirs. Where is it?
  • went to neils birthday party at Blackburn King Georges Hall, was supported by Robert Marlow. Also went out with a girl whom lived next door to his mothers!!!!!
  • New band electronic:
  • I love them.


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