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  • Avatar for shanextaylor
    heavier than heaven, is a hardcore classic. 20 years from now kids will be spinning it. trying to wrap their heads around it.
  • Avatar for knight_88
    Great band.
  • Avatar for truebelief
    their new one is amazing.
  • Avatar for truebelief
    I've been sleeping on this band for too long. [1]
  • Avatar for CleanLungs vote up
  • Avatar for darkpassenger-
    I've been sleeping on this band for too long.
  • Avatar for Hour_of_Chaos
    Great New Album!
  • Avatar for Walenta
    Heavy Pop Review:
  • Avatar for SHAUNIXCORE
    this new record is unreal. holy shit.
  • Avatar for fissured_
    The new record is fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for gndtsucx
    When people grow, people go is really good
  • Avatar for BlackieDammett
    Holy shit, what an angry piece of music. I love it, though I still like the direction Blacklisted went with NODTBHMTM.
  • Avatar for thedailygrind
    Damn, I didn't know what to expect from the new album, but it's really fucking good.
  • Avatar for fremdweltler
    candidate for album of the year!
  • Avatar for MattNell
    Saw these dudes live along time ago in Germany. Awesome show, great live. Excited for the new stuff.
  • Avatar for BlackieDammett
    et voilá
  • Avatar for anIadrift
    Those shields, those shields, those shields around you!
  • Avatar for cow-dog
    can't wait for the new album
  • Avatar for CleanLungs
    New album "When People Grow, People Go" soon. So fucking stoked. Instant classic.
  • Avatar for darkgnome
  • Avatar for anIadrift
    Seriously. This band is just getting started. One of the few "hc" bands actually progressing/trying new things. I hope they keep playing and releasing music for a long time.
  • Avatar for randomhero323
    "we're unstoppable is all you need" are dumb
  • Avatar for accidentXprone
    i never listened to the eccentrichine 7" until last week....i can't believe what i was missing out on
  • Avatar for S1D1991
    Greetings from Ukraine)
  • Avatar for CleanLungs
  • Avatar for Aserihclem
    we're unstoppable is all you need
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    Yeah, I saw them in 2007 and still think about the show sometimes. They are excellent live.
  • Avatar for BlackieDammett
    I saw them last night in Leipzig. Though the crowd was very lazy, it's been a very intense show. George said they will record their new stuff after the current european run and that the album will probably come out in fall this year. I'm so excited about this, the new songs they played have been just awsome.
  • Avatar for kallsir
    They played a couple of songs from the upcoming LP yesterday in Helsinki. The new record is gonna be big.
  • Avatar for Spartannnn
    these guys will never stop killing it with every show and every release
  • Avatar for beachbullette
    FUCK YES, guys are recording a new LP.
  • Avatar for cdax2307
    I'm inclined to agree with the assertion that this is the greatest hardcore band ever.
  • Avatar for Partisane
    Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God is a masterpiece. I don't think they'll ever surpass it.
  • Avatar for TheArtistBox
  • Avatar for juantalife
    we're unstoppable is the best CD in hardcore history. fuck you
  • Avatar for juantalife
    I lost my ambition when I swallowed my pride..I have nothing to give. loosing my will to live!!
  • Avatar for OneLifeHC
  • Avatar for xwatchxmexrisex
    Someone lyrics from new EP? please!
  • Avatar for beachbullette
    So they cancelled all their upcoming dates in February...screw it, was hoping for a Euro trip.
  • Avatar for shanextaylor
    Houdini blues is probably my favorite song ever (3)
  • Avatar for Wolvehoof
    Houdini blues is probably my favorite song ever. [2]
  • Avatar for jacobdylan11
    Houdini blues is probably my favorite song ever.
  • Avatar for miasmartyr
    Mentalist is goddamn amazing. I can't stop listening.
  • Avatar for Spartannnn
    Damn the new song is sick
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
    Where can I listen to it?
  • Avatar for jacobdylan11
    their new song is SO GOOD.
  • Avatar for beachbullette
    Pre Ordered both. Looking forward to them. [2] ...Well, technically I'll pick them up at my favorite local store, so I'll save some cash on shipping and customs.
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
    This band is extraordinary
  • Avatar for VanBungle
    Pre Ordered both. Looking forward to them.
  • Avatar for Wolvehoof
    VVVV fuggles


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