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  • Avatar for Paneska-LP
    Jupiter sounds nice and cute(¿?). I like it even if it's so soft.
  • Avatar for MagdaGothic666
    Pills! <3
  • Avatar for N3fr0n
    Pills downloadable for free at
  • Avatar for Neue_regel_
    "Pills' sounds okay, but we have to wait for the full album.
  • Avatar for Paneska-LP
    And Pills sound well.
  • Avatar for Paneska-LP
    Yep, Welcome blabla isn't good as the others, but maybe the IV one could be better... I hope. Meanwhile, we got "Pills"
  • Avatar for niQboy
    Not sure how excited for BFIV, as SW started to give Aviv more control I gradually started to lose interest. I still think "Go to Hell" off of WtMD is one of the worst songs written in the 21st century. Might aswell call IV "The Aviv Geffen album".
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  • Avatar for JazzEatTheWorld
    *waiting for Blackfield IV*
  • Avatar for Hellblazer2008
    26th of August
  • Avatar for firefly2811
    when is the release date of their 4th cd. seems to be delayed.
  • Avatar for KatieDementie
    [We are a fucked up generation, it's cloudy noW] somehow i don't like whiny songs, but this gets me every time.
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    [the hole in me] right (^ω^)
  • Avatar for Kuja_RC
    Prego per una data italiana per poterli andare a sentire dal vivo.
  • Avatar for matheusmaia_
    Pills sounds like Blackfield.
  • Avatar for Lazarus_132
    It is funny that they where tagged as prog rock only because Steven Wilson is involved. It simply is really good Pop Rock, nothing else.
  • Avatar for lallasound
    li ho trovati....sono adoro
  • Avatar for BME1982
    End of the World \m/ Fan from Iran Empire \m/
  • Avatar for BlackMetallizer
    "Pills" are awesome!
  • Avatar for Scython
    Pretty good song, although I can imagine how much better it would have been with Steven Wilson on vocals. Guess that's something I should try to forget with the upcoming album.
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  • Avatar for adace
    new song:
  • Avatar for Kreadeth
    Some of their tracks are nice, but this band doesn't sound like anything new at all. I think Wilson is wasting his time on this mediocre project, he better focus on something more serious than this pop act.
  • Avatar for Bought_New_Soul
    Live in NYC is fantastic..My Gift of Silence...
  • Avatar for Paneska-LP
    Haha! Ahí tienen, herejes!
  • Avatar for BlackMetallizer
    Welcome to my gay... DNA
  • Avatar for Devildom
    The first albums is their best. The third is the worst.
  • Avatar for laurier_golden
    This is my own music. It's instrumental rock. Please check it out and give me your feedback. Thank you
  • Avatar for Catata
    they made me gay
  • Avatar for _tourniquet
    They are awesome, and so underrated. :)
  • Avatar for lunaexoriens
    If you have/would like to have sideburns or admire men with SIDEBURNS, join, please:
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  • Avatar for ValeriaSixx
    vvv HAHAHAHAHA true.
  • Avatar for mk741
    thank you for helping through what is called 'menstruation'
  • Avatar for mk741
    spread the supremecy of Europe [2]
  • Avatar for meolnir
    thank you for helping me through what is called 'life'
  • Avatar for SynthetikBreed
    Come and join our page on Facebook and hep spread the supremecy of European music to the world!
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  • Avatar for blutos
  • Avatar for MusicCapitalist
    All of their songs are awesome.!
  • Avatar for azachel
    rock? no fuckin way!
  • Avatar for mk741
    regressive pop [2]
  • Avatar for in__absentia
    regressive pop
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  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia z Polski dla fanów Blackfield
  • Avatar for Altair2010
    Why progressive?
  • Avatar for LefterisDel
    Check out this band from Greece! With 1 album and 1 EP already out and a new album on the way (on the mastering phase) pure prog from Until Rain!!!!!
  • Avatar for Kreadeth
    End of the world <3
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