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    beautiful and noisy.
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    Hi, I'm an indie/lo-fi songwriter and I'm trying to make my music heard. I know spamming is not nice, but it's the only way I found to promote my songs. Feel free to tell me what you think. Here's one of my songs:
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    Заебок шуга. Если чисто угореть по шугейзингу, то это самая норм тема. Группа появилась 1989 году, а существует она до сих пор. Классика жанра. Шуга шугейзная. SHUGAZE
  • Avatar for bethanypwns
    fuck aggi 5evr
  • Avatar for letsbolt
    love them, but i don't consider them twee. nope.
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    I watch you, but you don't see me... I'll touch you, but it's in my dreams...
  • Avatar for johannez1
    They're just so amazing, they deserve so much more recognition!
  • Avatar for deondepertences
    their music gives me the best feeling
  • Avatar for Croconut
    ♥ -> Feeling kinda guilty after reading the shouts below me.
  • Avatar for crackityjones92
    You guys are doing it wrong. ♥ + :) = (♥‿♥)
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    I hate all those emo girls posting hearts on pages [2]
  • Avatar for Nimbie
    I hate all those emo girls posting hearts on pages, but still: <3 There's no other way to express my love.
  • Avatar for maymoth
    not for aggi </3
  • Avatar for ProfondoRosso17
    Throw Aggi Off the Bridge is pure love. <3<3<3
  • Avatar for NoahIsCool
    wish they did more. the EP of the Ramones covers was all right
  • Avatar for Nimbie
    I love you so much.
  • Avatar for crackityjones92
    Tweegaze XD
  • Avatar for diamantinas_
    i want to kill those suckers that named their band 'black tambourines' damn you hipsters!!
  • Avatar for ThePetSound
    Please don't cry, I'd like to die, just turn around and say goodbye.
  • Avatar for travbrad2
    Reminds me a lot of The Velvet Underground.
  • Avatar for Goo_
    The new ep is simply AWESOME!
  • Avatar for LMW87
    internet police comin for you cometg
  • Avatar for NoahIsCool
    can't you just google search it
  • Avatar for cometg
    Can anyone give me a torrent link for their discography? Please...
  • Avatar for Teh_Zombie
    blow it out yr ass
  • Avatar for Teh_Zombie
  • Avatar for diamantinas_
    favoritos forever ♥
  • Avatar for haloedeyes
    fuck you you lucky motherfuckers in new york
  • Avatar for enatoka
    yup, reunion show, can't wait
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  • Avatar for Derruido
    anyone has lyrics for black car?
  • Avatar for cnamejj
    Mike Schulman, one of the members of Black Tambourine, still runs Slumberland Records and has managed to keep the quality of the music they release extremely high even after all these years. I definitely recommend checking out their new artists and back catalog if you like the passion and DIY-pop sensibilities of Black Tambourines songs.
  • Avatar for Sonicjr01
    This I MAJOR shoegaze !
  • Avatar for jelle_kgb
    Their amazing song For Ex-Lovers Only made it top our weekly top 5! Check it out on:
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  • Avatar for Derruido
  • Avatar for malariacode
    By Tommorow is my Halloween anthem.
  • Avatar for giobot26
  • Avatar for haloedeyes
    v i like that description a lot.
  • Avatar for Jonathan1986
    This is like the daughter "Ecstasy & Wine" never had. Really nice!
  • Avatar for Howtoraiseox
    boringly interesting.
  • Avatar for BreakingBez
    really underrated.
  • Avatar for vandyJB
    incredible. I'm glad so many bands right now are trying to rip off them.
  • Avatar for not_not_not
  • Avatar for Sihaya_
    все-то несколько песен, зато КАКИХ!)
  • Avatar for haloedeyes
    jesus this band is fucking amazing
  • Avatar for Lobotomy77
    Wish they were around longer to make more music.
  • Avatar for tofu-deth
    :) :(


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