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    gods !) young-wekscha ☮Peace ✌
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    Wekscha, да иди нахуй
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    Да это говно невозможно слушать!
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    BSE + SoM - Animal this track is perfect.
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    The later stuff, however, is horrible. They shamelessly bastardized their own old tracks on 'Variations on Black', making them all oriented for dancefloor's empty-heads. Complete sellouts.
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    Everything they made in the 00s was perfect.
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    Finally seen in Prague. Sick show.
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    Thanks for massive show at Storm club in Prague! ) Very glad to be there
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    Ранний материал был отличным - глубокий и футуристичный андеграундный днб. Но потом (начиная с текущего десятилетия) парни продались и решили писать музыку для широких масс соответствующего качества. Атмосфера ушла на третий план, бас и барабаны стали жирнее и тупее, последние релизы делались исключительно для колбасеров. Жаль, вряд ли они теперь когда-нибудь вернутся к своим корням.
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    Говно. Хуже только русский шансон.
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    Tight beats!!
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    шикарные обложки альбомов
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    The best, the whole Blackout concept is amazing...
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    I could have seen them at Let it Roll OA 2014. Didn't know about them back then. I really, really regret it. Great, dark, atmospheric music.
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    DNB-Gods [4]
  • Avatar for storm2k8
    Fly High)
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    Лучше пендулумов всяких
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    New Pic
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    Жесткий драм
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    Their early era is so damn good. [2]
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    1000 plays!
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    Holy shit! Fucking Prolix - Freeze Frame (Black Sun Empire Remix) is a complete skullfucker!
  • Avatar for PROnikx
    DNB-Gods [3]
  • Avatar for Daxxe
    One of the best darkstep DnB's around, defenitaly!
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    Their early era is so damn good.
  • Avatar for Coldblessed
    A perfect example of how music should be made.
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    Saved the best one for last. Dawn of a Dark Day - Receptor Remix
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    Bitemark (Zardonic Remix)
  • Avatar for Atreidezz
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    Variations on black is one hell of a remix album. [2]
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    Dawn of a Dark Day (Prolix Remix) oh man...
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    @NGcs: cool!
  • Avatar for NGcs
    @ Torniojaws: Check Discogs ;)
  • Avatar for Torniojaws
    Is there a store that sells Driving Insane on CD for a reasonable price? It seems to be something ridiculous (60 - 100 euros) everywhere.
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    Ik hoop dat jullie volgend jaar nog een x naar waalhalla in Nijmegen komen, kon er de laatste keer helaas niet bij zijn :(
  • Avatar for Xhi
    variations on black is one hell of a remix album. well done!
  • Avatar for Paoolina
    DNB-Gods [2]
  • Avatar for Telmzor
    New album is one of the best releases this year. So many massive and sick tunes!
  • Avatar for NGcs
    @ Fooshi: Jade has a remix of Stasis on his own debut album, it's very good! :)
  • Avatar for storm2k8
    counting days for the new album)))
  • Avatar for Remady-
    Arrakis (Noisia Remix) !!!
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    incredible vibe last night in sofia! thank you :)
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    Check it out!(#DrumAndBass #8bit #Core #Experimental #BassMusic #Exe)
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    Drum and Space
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