• My Top 10 alltime favorite songs

    30 Jun 2010, 09:08 by -Lancman-

    A list of my Top 10 songs
    Let's start from the end:
    10-Diablo - Living Dead Superstar
    -This song delivers pure energy through my ears...awesome melodies,solo,sick drumming,blood-pumping tempo changes and mighty vocals...that's how i love it...

    9-Soilwork - Spirits Of The Future Sun
    -Everytime i hear the intro of this song i feel like superman on cocaine.Peter Wichers' guitarwork is amazing as always and from 4:00 on it's pure pleasure for.

    8-Hibria -Steel Lord on Wheels
    -Call it cheesy power-metal but for me,this song is like adrenaline injected right into my veins and i like to start my day with this song.Epic vocals and soloing-enough said.

    7-Insomnium - Drawn to Black
    -This is something absolutely different from number 8.The riffs are magical and the song itself is one beautiful magic trip into the soul of finnish desperation.

    6-Black Sun Aeon - Core Of Winter
    - Everytime when the melody,which starts around 0:34 ,kicks in, it's like the best thing i 've ever heard. …