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  • Avatar for Angel5th
    "n***** just don't understand my reasons"
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    Kweli's verse is beyond amazing... out of this world.
  • Avatar for ephemeraldrone
    "I'm hotter than a lot of men" - Punchline ... a Freudian slip? lol
  • Avatar for Burn_Infinite33
    you will not find a fucking better verse than Kweli on this shit, FUCKING MURDER
  • Avatar for lioness28213
    <3 mos def
  • Avatar for jmj540
  • Avatar for DarthKnowl
    Talib Killed this
  • Avatar for pynebrigz
    a foundation to a certain generation
  • Avatar for super_swag12
    oh shit.... black star....
  • Avatar for SkyEatsMoon
    call me diamond cuz i'm your girl's best friend
  • Avatar for jellish13
    simply put....amazing
  • Avatar for Timppa2000
    that female rapper is amazing and Def's verse is life-affirming.
  • Avatar for branchong
    One of the best hip-hop albums Ive ever heard
  • Avatar for Trautkidd
  • Avatar for spotrocker13
    one of the best albums of all time
  • Avatar for illa1990
  • Avatar for editwikipedia
    it was btwn dekalb and pulaski
  • Avatar for MCIS
  • Avatar for SintexEra
    "so shook, you could walk a half a block and feel the aftershock"
  • Avatar for bcrigler
  • Avatar for BLACK_KUPID
    Oh man...... Dang.... I remember when I first got this album. Went through three CDs. One of the best hip hop albums ever released.
  • Avatar for Stereohead228
    Some of the best guest verses ever easily
  • Avatar for Josh_Sense
  • Avatar for Brek
    shit's ill...
  • Avatar for FreshOranges
    great track..
  • Avatar for jyhad24
    i went bonkers the first time i heard this back in the day........................Jane came sick with the first verse!!!!
  • Avatar for Nick722
    so shook, i could walk half a block and feel like the aftershock
  • Avatar for jonpwnsu
    holy christ. doesn't really fit in the feel of the album, but it's fucking DOPE regardless
  • Avatar for hogueb
  • Avatar for ButtaFlysuite74
  • Avatar for ArchAngelisk451
    Love this track.
  • Avatar for thedrez
    my lyrics get up in yo' jeans like parasuco
  • Avatar for thedrez
    love this entire album.
  • Avatar for dudeman111
    def and kweli rock
  • Avatar for jeremiahasmith
    i love wordsworth on this track
  • Avatar for illa1990
    black star music tour please
  • Avatar for ZapRoffo
    *cough* excuse me, just ate another emcee
  • Avatar for NiteLifeTshirts
    Jane Doe does kill it -
  • Avatar for LisaVee1976
    HoW DId I FORgeT AboUt ThiS trACk????
  • Avatar for whacknasty
    Mos Def!!
  • Avatar for goodgreatgrand
    always been a dope cut, but i deff don't think everyone killed it. jane doe was great, punch has always been meh, kweli nerded out, mos really ripped it, which was his usual for back then. words served everyone on the track tho.
  • Avatar for william000ag
    Who is the female vocalist at the beginning?
  • Avatar for phillybird
    I just noticed how great this track is.
  • Avatar for MrRyanDee
    Agreed.... can an ending of a classic LP be any better?!?!?!
  • Avatar for golfmade
    Epic ending to a classic album.
  • Avatar for thirdprofile
    call me a diamond, 'cause i'm your girl's best friend
  • Avatar for inphanta
    What. An. Ending.
  • Avatar for unspeakablerx
    it's really rare when you find a track where EVERY SINGLE PERSON KILLS IT. Seriously. It's actually kind of stunning.
  • Avatar for ALBanger
    Mos kills it...
  • Avatar for ALBanger
    I should be on this joint after wordworth..that all its missing your truly...


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