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Black Sabbath

Fairies Wear Boots (6:13)


  • great outro :)
  • Great song. And they don't always wear boots. Some wear slippers :o
  • @krylok if it whas,nt for dio there wouldnd be no sabbath,he cept sabbath going when ozzy whas kicked out of the band
  • get rid of dio and get the REAL sabbath going
  • Man this song made me want to do acid at the tender age of 13....I didn't believe fairies and dwarves would ever dance together. Thankfully by the time I had a chance my elders had scared me away from the idea. I'll take ozzys word for it.
  • Legends ....
  • bill ward is the f'n man
  • muy buena esta wa y ozzy todavia sigue wviando
  • Yeah i saw it i saw it i tell you no lies!
  • Good album...but Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is their musical masterpiece...
  • i gueess that the acid in the 70s was a lot stronger than today lol
  • Best Sabbth song imo
  • YES FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS the one song our band can play WWOOO go ozzy !~~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~
  • great
  • Trippin'!
  • We had a bonfire...a rabbit wanted to creap up and get warm so bad, and he/she kept freaking itself out over "us", we were freaking on "it"...jumping up close, running away, bashing the fence...just join us man, quit the dramatics you know...your freaking yourself out and us. WOW...so...of course I had to play this song in it's honor.
  • Man, this album is just soooo good!!
  • Ozzy shoulda died in the 90's...
  • What a great intro!
  • So are fairies man hating dykes now??????
  • what can I say? The Sabs was ggreat!
  • Fairies in boots dancing with dwarves!? LOL! Love this song!!!! \m/
  • I love IronMan from Sabbath
  • that must have been one hell of a trip...
  • My favorite Sabbath song by far. I love both Dio and Ozzy, but the first few albums with Ozzy were the best imo..
  • I think that Heaven and Hell was the best Black Sabbath album ever. It was made great because of Dio.
  • agree with the guy below me... Dio Sucks in Sabbath... ok in solo carrer, but don't mess with Sabbath!
  • one of the best natural ozzy sound dio sucks in black sabbath
  • Love outro :]
  • Music for body and soul...
  • One of Sabbath's best !!!
  • Awesome, one of their best.
  • cause smokin' and trippin' is all that you do Yeah!!!
  • Favorite Black Sabbath song with Ozzy
  • One of the best of them! Great!
  • what you waiting 4? go grt sum and blast yer phones like i do.
  • wam bam bam
  • Essential listening. Over and over again. Sabbath rulez!
  • love the intro
  • Smoking and tripping is all that you do.
  • love the drums
  • WOW.
  • Awesome. :)
  • But Hobbits Doesn't
  • This is prog-ish. I never noticed until now.
  • Anyone a fan of Ian Gillan Sabbath? This is a pretty sweet song. I still like their first album more though.
  • Ozzy's Black Sabbath kicks Dio's Sabbath ass one million tines!!!!!
  • What can you say Masters. Gods. this music is better than a woman it wont let you down wont rip you off it gives you a lift when your feeling down and certainly wont Run off


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