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  • Avatar for rOnieAirhead
    This song changed my life.
  • Avatar for TheMally98
    this sounds like a bunch of monkeys discovering fire
  • Avatar for allbadendsall
    lol first time with a delay?
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
  • Avatar for thommyrotten
    Best Sabbath song.
  • Avatar for pingywings
    most emotional guitar solo
  • Avatar for Metal_Pubes
    Life changing.
  • Avatar for nanjamonja
    Still better than Changes.
  • Avatar for AwesomeMatthew
    This song really lowered my expectations for Sabbath.
  • Avatar for ffg
    Ha, sounds like it could have come out on Ghost Box last week.
  • Avatar for BanconIsGood
    experimental :)
  • Avatar for rOnieAirhead
  • Avatar for stargazer916
    This must have been super-impressive while they were tripping balls. (2)
  • Avatar for Dylanisgod2
    Animal Collective?
  • Avatar for gokunirvana
    Maybe this was a sequel to "Iron Man". OK, it isn't, but strangely, It makes some sense.
  • Avatar for ccrow1014
    I WILL listen to THIS over any Adel type music...No brainer!! IOMMI RULZ!!
  • Avatar for jpzitoleopold
    19 scrobbles.
  • Avatar for superunknow
    why did they feel the need to put this track on the album?(2)
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    I wonder if the noise that Jason makes from Friday The 13th is based on this..
  • Avatar for brunOz_mendes
    a calm before the storm...
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    "I keep asking myself; WHY?" Because Fuck You that's why.
  • Avatar for Pooydatigru
    The remastered version reveals the true meaning of this composition.
  • Avatar for tomwm1
    what a pointless song
  • Avatar for abunono
    When winter first begins to bite and stones crack in the frosty night
  • Avatar for Killed-By-Death
    Much better than changes. [3] I was about to post the same thing. :-P This track breaths cocain
  • Avatar for BlackMetallizer
    I'd say drugs made this. [5]
  • Avatar for euquerosuamae
    Much better than changes. [2]
  • Avatar for octopuss22
    The only song in Sabbath discography which i don't like that much ....
  • Avatar for EpicGeeza36
    why did they feel the need to put this track on the album?
  • Avatar for Soundservant
    This came out a year before Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon.
  • Avatar for Grimmoire
    Awesome ambience.
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    these are the adventures of starship enterprise...
  • Avatar for Foggster
    ...well, just some effects...;-)
  • Avatar for Captnplanet
    Anyone got a tab for this?
  • Avatar for BlackLodgeDwarf
    I keep asking myself; WHY?
  • Avatar for Pseudomancer
    My favourite Sabbath interlude.
  • Avatar for HaiderHassan
    ♪♫ Fuckin' Xtreme ♫♪♫
  • Avatar for Yhavimoth
    One minute and forty two seconds of my life that I'll never have back.
  • Avatar for meanmrmustard
    Filler Xtreme
  • Avatar for IronPenguin
    I heard it was Tony dancing while high and naked except for his crucifix and guitar. The noises are his crucifix banging off his guitar strings ... at least that's what I read.
  • Avatar for DEATHINFIREX
    Much better than changes.
  • Avatar for Chirurg666
    still better than changes [2]
  • Avatar for mynameisjoehann
    This was them doing effects test for Superneut and they were such coke heads by Vol 4 that they stuck it on
  • Avatar for lapeh
    I'd say drugs made this. [4]
  • Avatar for SonOfThirteen
    still better than changes
  • Avatar for LucytheNyu
    Ozzy said when they we're recording "vol.4", one night, they locked themselves inside the studio, turned on a recorder, got high, stripped naked, and went around studio hitting stuff. this is the result. it made me lawl when I found out XD
  • Avatar for DrianIommi
    This shit is epic. I wouldnt change anything in the first 6 albums
  • Avatar for the_betterman
    im surprised no one has called this shit epic lol
  • Avatar for burroughs3000
    The best !
  • Avatar for sebadagostino
    I'd say drugs made this. [3]


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