• Metal Mastery at its best

    25 Aug 2008, 23:20 by sarsippius164

    On Friday August 22nd I went with my brother James and one of his friends, Luis, to see the Metal Masters Tour. That was a great show, I had a lot of fun watching all four bands prove that they may be old, but still great!

    Once the security at the Superpages center started allowing people in, we found a great place on the grass to watch the show. One event staffer said that everybody that was on the grass needed to go find a seat. How awesome is that?! We paid for lawn/general admission, and wound up getting seats! It was like being upgraded on an airline.

    First off was Testament. They came out on time! Thats the first time I've ever seen that happen! Right at 5:30 they came out and started playing Over the Wall. Then they played three songs from their new album. Then followed that up with Practice What You Preach! That has always been such an awesome song to me. The old stuff was great. If there was room, there would have been a mosh pit I'm sure. …
  • Metal Masters Bring the "Time Machine" to Pittsburgh

    18 Aug 2008, 04:07 by sablespecter

    Sat 16 Aug – Judas Priest, Motörhead, Testament, Heaven and Hell

    Last night's show was really like two shows in one. A lot of multi-artist package tours end up being a whole bunch of opening acts with abbreviated set lists and limited stage sets followed by one big headliner show. The Metal Masters Tour is really two openers and two headliners though, and it was worth getting home after 2AM to see it.

    Testament sounded really tight, which was especially good because this was the first time I have seen them live. I'm very happy to see four of the five original members of the band plus Paul Bostaph on drums working together again. Since Chuck Billy has beat his cancer, he's brought the classic fire back to his delivery, and The Formation Of Damnation is a very rich album. The live delivery backs it up, and it was very cool to see Alex Skolnick play live. If you're a Pittsburgh fan of The Alex Skolnick Trio, Alex will be back in town with them in just a couple of weeks (Sep 4).


    1 Jul 2007, 23:49 by VampyreAngel

    Review for Rockwave festival 2007, day 2.(July 1st)
    Lineup: Kinetic, Anathema, Iced Earth, Dream Theater, Heaven And Hell.

    Kinetic: I missed them.
    Anathema: I missed the first couple of songs. They played for about an hour and were very good.
    Iced Earth: Also very good, even though I would like to hear some songs they omitted. Played from about 18.10 - 19.30
    Dream Theater: I had never listened to Dream Theater actually, so I cant make a fair judgement. However, they did seem rather interesting and the song Forsaken stayed in my mind.. 19.55(?) - 21.05
    HEAVEN AND HELL, a.k.a. Black Sabbath with R.J.Dio at the helm: Simply astounding. Dio is just fantastic, his voice remains incredible at 65, and the show he puts on is amazing, singing extra parts that werent there in the songs, running up and down... He also sang a capella at the end of Voodoo.
    They played from about 22.00 to 23.30

    Highlight: The -up to 15' long- performance of Heaven and Hell

  • Black Sabbath (Heaven And Hell) In Vancouver

    13 Mar 2007, 02:36 by badinsults

    Sun 11 Mar – Heaven And Hell, Megadeth, Down

    Black Sabbath is and always will be my favourite band. Ever since I first heard the song Psycho Man on the radio back in 1997, I have strived to listen to as much Black Sabbath as possible. When it was announced that the Dio-era lineup of Sabbath was going to reunite, I obviously got very excited. What topped it off was that they would start their world tour in Vancouver! Regardless of their title of Heaven And Hell, everyone was there to see what it truly was, Black Sabbath.

    Anyways, I had floor tickets and expected some great metal.

    Down started things off. I hadn't heard Down before, but I felt that they put on a good show. There were quite a few Down fans there, most of who were probably still in high school. Anselmo seemed legitimately surprised that the crowd was as rowdy as it was. He egged on people to smoke weed, which soon filled the air. The irony was that the worst song they played was about smoking weed.