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None-stop hard rock! Black Road Home formed in 2008 as a phoenix rising from the ashes of the nu-metal scene, and since then have been throwing steaming great balls of hard-rock justice at a cowering indie scene in an ongoing battle of the average versus the best.

"We like to think of ourselves as kings amongst men, but on my less modest days I tend to say 'Gods' instead." - Sven

From the ground up, the BRH boys have gone from playing to audiences of none all the way to audiences of five or more, scaling the UK rock scene in the hope that they could soon reignite the flame of a forgotten youth who used to understand what real music sounds like.

"I hate all this 'bleep bleep' bullshit, sampling sounds of someone taking a dump, turning the bass up on it and calling it music. The only electric thing I've got is my guitar. And my amp. And pedals. Tuner, I guess, if you want to get specific. But that's about it. Oh, I've got a metronome somewhere as well." - Lock

Clearly there is some angst towards the modern music culture, but rather than whining about it, getting fat and working a job they hate for the rest of their lives, BRH formed a band. A good band. A strong band. A collaboration of musicians that, with the guidance of God, Thor, Zeus or whatever, will eventually widen its jaws and swallow this Indy/Electronic nation whole, picking the bones from its teeth with the left-overs of their Fender Squires.

"i am chris and i play drums one day my stik broke but i borht new ones with my birthday muney." - Wez (age 24)

Band members have come and gone over the years; some emigrated, some just couldn't hack it, but none hit the band quite as hard as the loss of their origional drummer, Greg "Woody" Wood, who while attempting to educate himself in the geographic arts unintentionally sold himself into slavery to a tribe of Dole-Monkeys. Having not heard from him for several hours, BRH began a recruitment drive that would see the arrival of their newest member, Chris "Wez" Smithard, the "Wez" being because it's easier to say than "Chris".

"A quote? Fuck you, there's your quote." - Paul

As interest in the band swells and hightens with each passing day, one can only imagine the heights that they'll soon reach. Are they the next Beatles? Of course not. The Beatles sucked. But the next Rolling Stones? The next Metallica? The next Pet Shop Boys? Time will tell. And when it does, it'll scream loud enough for you all to hear.

Hard Rock is back - KEEP IT LOUD!

- Biography courtesy of Jerry Standards: salesman, promoter, lover.

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