• Evil Invaders III - thoughts.

    14 Jun 2011, 10:47 by G_Mac07

    Fri 10/Sat 11 Jun – Evil Invaders III

    Four years on from Evil Invaders II, the third instalment finally took place this weekend. I wasn't fortunate enough to attended either of the first two, but I wasn't going to miss out on one of the 300 tickets to Evil Invaders III, which sold out well in advance.

    The line up would originally consist of 16 bands (the gig flyer is accurate for original intended line up) spanning two evenings at Sydney’s Bald Faced Stag hotel, though a few changes occurred and only 15 bands made it in the end. Those to drop out from the original flyer were Witchrist, Taipan and Heresiarch.

    The Friday night kicked off with Erebus Enthroned, who's somewhat simplistic style of Black Metal really impresses me, and has done the last few times I’ve seen them. Stage presence amongst these guys is superb even when playing to only a small crowd, carried largely by vocalist Nihilifer, who I find gives off a very destroy-your-life-for-Satan type vibe. …
  • Bands I've seen live

    19 Apr 2010, 01:45 by DivineTheory

    So I don't have keep adding a list to my 'About Me' section I'll make use this journal.

    28/02/11 - Now with ratings and comments.

    Dred (Australia) - An excellent band who blew me away live. Live act seemed a little lacking
    The Faceless - A little boring but overall a decent performance
    Aborted - Average. I have no memory of them live but they must have been alright
    Dying Fetus - Ferocious and intense
    Necrophagist - Great live, though the backwards red cap Muhammed sported seemed out of place
    Switchblade (Australia) - Nothing special. Just some weird death/groove metal
    Ouroboros (Australia) - Decent live
    Ruins (Australia) - Good
    The Amenta - Mind-blowing live performance. The atmosphere and intensity was incredible
    Psycroptic - Decent but a little boring live
    Roadside Burial - Average
    Space Bong - Decent live, though a little small for those 6 or so members
    Ebolie - Good and humorous
    Darker Half - Nothing special
    Lord (Australia) - A fun, great band live
    Double Dragon - Generic and boring
  • (Good) Australian Bands I've Seen Live

    9 Apr 2009, 07:13 by pukerz