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  • Avatar for Carlospant
    fuckin' awesome
  • Avatar for kevthepoet
    check KP Kev the Poet if you like Black Hippy!
  • Avatar for trilled_bees
  • Avatar for TylerSymes
    Does Kendrick still work with them much or is she too busy solo-wise?
  • Avatar for Ae318
    Vote Ab-soul
  • Avatar for DamieanvelRoody
    gimme Download link 4 dat mixtape
  • Avatar for sls
    killin remixes and uoeno
  • Avatar for DIQXNVKDJHF
    "Rolling Stone" is still everything!
  • Avatar for mightyscooop
    man Rock and Q fucking killed that UOENO mix so nice.
  • Avatar for TheMottoIsYOLO
    they can fuck up the rap game real bad tbfh
  • Avatar for lfernandopsb
    I took the game by Storm just to X Men out
  • Avatar for PWNdestroyPWN
    Rock > Q > Kendrick >>>>>> Soul on UOENO. I need a version without Soul though.
  • Avatar for KDgoHARD
    Rate this track for me please
  • Avatar for tool9988
    East vs. West, Pro-Era vs. Black Hippy :)
  • Avatar for epiff92
    need an album! [2].. best clique in hip hop atm imo (them or slaughterhouse)
  • Avatar for TheIronLion
    Black Hippy - Top Dawgs (Best of 2012)
  • Avatar for auroraAmy
    need an album!
  • Avatar for auroraAmy
    v you are shit[2]
  • Avatar for PavelAbbot
    these guys are shit[2]
  • Avatar for Langungon
    N.W.A. for the Hipster - Generation. (that's a compliment)
  • Avatar for Chingy314
    this niggaz need to do album! fuck all this mixtape bullshit...
  • Avatar for Albert_Transom
    these guys are shit
  • Avatar for Jiraffick
    That's the dream team. Shame they don't do much music.
  • Avatar for millyman77
    Black Lip, Bastard
  • Avatar for str8facedman
  • Avatar for arkadsq
    best crew in rap right now
  • Avatar for ChelseaSmile95
    Once again, they proved they're all the best. Them three songs are dope.
  • Avatar for CinncinatiBlood
    21st Century N.W.A. ?
  • Avatar for finulfite
  • Avatar for BubbaDude117
  • Avatar for l0vemusick
    Last night was easily one of the best live events I have ever had the honour of attending. Witnessing a legend in the making. Kendrick Lamar @ The Electric Ballroom Camden London, Monday 25 June 2012. Live review with videos:
  • Avatar for bananeczek
    c'mon TDE, make somethin
  • Avatar for ThePrio
    I hope they make Ashtrobot a full member.
  • Avatar for pestohead damn.
  • Avatar for Loud__Speaker
    “Said I was the underdog, turns out I’m the secret weapon,” Ab-Soul confidently declares on the opening track of the newly released Control System. And the “Black Lip Bastard’s” boasting isn’t unfounded as his latest contribution to the already heavy TDE artillery proves that he stands just as strong as the other heavyweights in his circle repping the Black Hippy Movement. Read the rest of the Ab-Soul Control System review at:
  • Avatar for gendervariant
    The album is going to hella dope. I can't wait!
  • Avatar for madzack
    on some other shit no doubt....
  • Avatar for WeirdoRipper
    the present and the future
  • Avatar for HyPocRiiSy
    what i would do to be able to spend a day with them in their studio.
  • Avatar for decadelate
    the future
  • Avatar for KidRudy
    made a pretty dope Kendrick compilation called "Good Kid In A Bad City" of loose tracks, features etc etc.. if y'all wanna check that out
  • Avatar for BubbaDude117
    make a new fuckin mixtape
  • Avatar for btwiP
  • Avatar for carAnthony
    Say Wassup!
  • Avatar for tyrealg
    @Blazey on* datpiff and there's only 10 songs dumbass.
  • Avatar for MickeyNeutronic
    Yall some i'll spittaz doc:. [214]Dallas Tx:. FlipKlick/CSB|| ~:'Neutronic
  • Avatar for JohnnyBlaze92
    why dont y'all just download their mixtape of datpiff............
  • Avatar for joegraham33 Check out this new music!
  • Avatar for gendervariant
    fuck a mixtape, i want an album[2]
  • Avatar for itsjacobes
    when are you dudes going to put out some kind of album or mixtape. the world is waiting!


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