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  • Avatar for Cylob
    [url=]Doolittle>Trompe Le Monde>Bossanova>Surfer Rosa or Surfer Rosa>Bossanova>Trompe Le Monde>Doolittle[/url] or what are your faves? Join tha debate!
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    >> <<
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    >> <<
  • Avatar for GetDown_MakeLuv - Really looking forward to hearing the recorded version of this song.
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    People are pigs who don't know that he kept making great music after Doolittle. Their loss.
  • Avatar for brownieboy
    This is the lead singer from the Pixies, and he only gets just over 300 listeners a week
  • Avatar for ROTTEN15
    cinema star <3
  • Avatar for MarkusVaz
    nice shirt.
  • Avatar for Edperini
    I'm not black like Barry White, no I am white like Frank Black is.
  • Avatar for giannis123
    560,020 plays............I am in shock.
  • Avatar for The8Ball39
    But he's not black? Sorry I don't understand. Sorry for my poor English.
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    You can listen to his new album with Reid Paley here - So do that.
  • Avatar for juepucta
    The man handles italian even worse than spanish! "Il Cucchiaio", assuming it is what he is trying to say, is how it's spelled.
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    Black Paisley -
  • Avatar for badoom_bum
    You're Gonna Pay (preview), just wow.
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    Hey I have that shirt too. Let's form a club.
  • Avatar for boumalhab
    VVV Same here. I'm pretty sure he's masturbating in the picture on his shirt.
  • Avatar for JRoar
    I've got that shirt :)
  • Avatar for Zelectroniqo
    Tune in:
  • Avatar for sdrev41
    Black Francis+Frank Black+FB&Catholics=3,847,000 plays
  • Avatar for Echoes917
    NSE album me!!! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    Got my copy of NSE today. It's pretty sweet. Certainly on par with Svn Fngrs.
  • Avatar for jeffreywithonef
    It'll probably take a while to get released though. I'd say the record company might push him to tour some of NSE. Pixies concerts would get in the way too.
  • Avatar for WhiteVeins
    Both the Golem and NSE deserve some props. And this leaves the rest of 2010 for more albums. Knowing Frank, I wouldn't be surprised. In fact, isn't there a new Grand Duchy out soon, too?
  • Avatar for Echoes917
    Nonstoperotik is pure win!
  • Avatar for Dezibelchen
    new album !?
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    The Golem kicks ass.
  • Avatar for jeffreywithonef
    you'll be my master, i'll be your servant
  • Avatar for Plaumtothashizz
    "this motherfucka ain't black...WTF!" x2
  • Avatar for slackerchic
    "Your Mouth Into Mine" and "Test Pilot Blues" are must must must listens, regardless of whether or not you're a Black Francis/Frank Black fan. Sheer beauty and genius.
  • Avatar for DarkBastion
    So are "The Catholics" as a band pretty much done? I really loved Dog in the Sand, Devil's Workshop, and Show me Your Tears ... don't get me wrong, Bluefinger and Svn Fngrs are my phenomenal and my favorite FB since Teenager of the Year, but The Catholics were great live and had their own unique sound (when compared to FB solo, with his wife, etc.)
  • Avatar for jeffreywithonef
    New album with Eric Drew Feldman is being made \o/
  • Avatar for Getbetter
    damn it i wanted to see him tonight but the mint sold out
  • Avatar for grungebandung
    charaterize,so beautiful song.....
  • Avatar for jeffreywithonef
    black on black... a tasty snack
  • Avatar for TrePsycho
    it's his last name you dickhead
  • Avatar for jeenyus05
    this motherfucka ain't black...WTF!
  • Avatar for KarbonKid
    Footage from his gig earlier in the month, more under my channel;
  • Avatar for somepoorsoul
    This is without a doubt one of the most overlooked records of the last year. It's amazing!!!. It's just filled with great songs. The best vocals he's done in years. This is the new pixies record, had they reformed. The closest thing to Surfer Rosa I've heard. But on Judging by the amount of listeners though... there's a hell of a lot of people out there missing out.
  • Avatar for fistisfast
    that is class
  • Avatar for Babylonian
    he sang the ending song to Season 3 of Tim and Eric Awesome Show hahaha
  • Avatar for fistisfast
    all praise is due to Black Francis... OOHHMmmm
  • Avatar for somepoorsoul
  • Avatar for ed_velez
    Threshold threshold threshold threshold threshold threshold threshold threshold!
  • Avatar for vasilevs
    svn fngrs is niiiiiiice work
  • Avatar for jeffreywithonef
  • Avatar for Jordan_C_Darwin
    Yeeaaaaah! Pretty damn decent band. Rock on!
  • Avatar for toouuyy
    if the album that follows svn fngrs is all at least as good as it then i may well cry
  • Avatar for deadjoe
    Pop over to my blog to download a recording of the Pixies first comeback gig!


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