• Tuesday Ten: Betrayal

    25 Aug 2010, 06:17 by amodelofcontrol

    This week, I'm looking at being betrayed. It's all thanks to one of these songs coming up on my iPod the other day and getting my mind thinking. It wasn't hard to find ten songs, either. Spotify accompaniment for most of it, as usual...

    Stabbing Westward

    Christopher Hall's industrial rock band were hardly a bundle of laughs at the best of times, but debut Ungod was so dark it was frequently quiet enough to be mumbling to itself in the corner, before unleashing the hounds of hell at opportune moments. They were hardly short of songs about betrayal, either - frankly most of the lyrical content revolved around this conceit - but this, one of the better-known tracks from Ungod is the most obvious. Dealing with the post-breakup obsession, and how he can't get beyond "her" lies. The lyrics may well be a little cliched - and very much of their time - but it's easily one of the band's most powerful and affecting tracks, too.

    Dark Star
    About 3am
  • Tuesday Ten: Do You Remember The First Time?

    17 Mar 2009, 19:20 by amodelofcontrol

    As I said last week, I suddenly have a short flush of inspiration for these Tuesday Tens at the moment. This one has taken me weeks to collate, gave me lots of ideas, and perhaps even more music to re-evaluate. This week it's about debut albums, and in particular ones I really like or left a lasting impression.

    There are many debut albums I really don't like, though - and this even applies to bands I otherwise adore. I can't stand the first albums from (to pick a few examples in my collection) The Afghan Whigs, In Strict Confidence, Spahn Ranch, Type O Negative, to name four. Maybe it's just because I got into all four bands a little further down the line. Maybe they simply weren't that great to start with. Other debuts captivated me for numerous reasons, either when they were released, or when I got to listen to them at a later point, and these are the ten that made this list. And when creating the shortlist for it, I came to the scary realisation that I had created a subject that was far too broad. …
  • short & sweet

    12 Sep 2007, 20:18 by heartinacage

    on my itunes, songs that have less than 2 minutes:

    0:28 - Pretty Houses - lunachicks
    0:29 - Hey Sweetheart - richard hell
    0:31 - It's a Real Time Thing - the damned
    0:34 - Spray Paint - black flag
    0:37 - Hyperactive Child - dead kennedys
    0:41 - Give Peace a Chance - coughs
    0:42 - Fight War, Not Wars - crass
    0:44 - What We Do Is Secret - the germs
    0:45 - Straight Edge - minor threat
    0:45 - Demonomania - misfits
    0:48 - Self Destruct - adolescents
    0:51 - Space Talk - the legendary stardust cowboy
    0:51 - G's Song - crass
    0:54 - Stand Up - minor threat
    0:55 - Advice From Christmas Past - dead kennedys
    0:57 - Braineaters - misfits
    0:59 - General Bacardi - crass
    1:00 - Stab Your Back - the damned
    1:00 - Randy's Intro By Dick Brain - black randy & the metrosquad
    1:02 - Come Back to Me - coughs
    1:02 - The Slave - the germs
    1:03 - Seeing Red - minor threat
    1:03 - nazi punks fuck off (demo) - dead kennedys
    1:04 - Religious Vomit - dead kennedys
    1:04 - Help, I'm Trapped - the carpettes
  • Dave Longstreth headlines the art world (not quite)

    15 Jul 2007, 01:28 by andnomoreneeded

    This Week:
    Dave Longstreth and his Dirty Projectors will be playing for free at the Whitney on Friday. I, honestly, have never been to the Whitney (American art? what's that?). The show is part of a series curated with the "Summer of Love" exhibit, bringing in musicians "inspired by the radical spirit of the 1960s... a tapestry of new work that is intrinsically connected to the sounds and visions of the psychedelic era." Yeah, right. The Dirty Projectors' last LP, The Getty Address, was a cut-and-paste mashup of Don Henley lyrics and unfindable Longstreth juvenalia (I wrote about the amazing short videos made of it previously). The newest album Rise Above, which won't be out until the Fall, is, I shit you not, Dave's attempt to rewrite the entire 1981 album Damaged by Black Flag -- from memory. The press release says he was helping his parents move out of his childhood home and found the old Damaged cassette case sans cassette and proceeded to recreate it on a four track. …