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  • 1984

    21 Mar 2008, 03:36 by moik

    I am a member of a really great group called CDX: Special Artists Unit

    This is a twelve member group in which each member has one month to make and distribute a "best of" CD for their chosen band. This month I did the CD for the exchange and I broke the rules a bit and did a CD that was what I considered my "best of" 1984 - my favorite year in music.

    Here is the spiel that came with the disk:

    Welcome to 1984

    First off I will state that this CD is different and even violates the rules of CDX: Special Artists Unit because it isn’t a bands greatest hits as interpreted by the month’s featured burner - it is a year’s greatest hits. Second of all this is a lot more punk than previous selections - quite noisy at times - oh well. If you don’t like punk you’ll hate it! Furthermore this is an MP3 CD so it might not play in your stereo - but it ought to work in itunes. Oh - and I don’t know how to print fancy graphics so consider this a mix tape from a…
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