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Black Cards

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Fame (3:11)

According to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Fame Songfacts, the song title comes from the nickname 'Jekyll and Hyde,' used for a person displaying two completely different characters, one respectable, the other not. The phrase is derived from the eponymous character in Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886) who, by means of a drug, could switch between good and evil in his own nature.

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  • Really not a fan of this. I thought it would be a little closer to FoB. Her voice is not quite pleasing.
  • hate all you want, I like this song. Still wish FOB would get back together, though...
  • probably the only thing that upsetted me when i listened to this song was that i found out tht pete wasnt singing!
  • pete is nothing without patrick
  • this sucks ass
  • pete didn't leave fall out boy. neither did patrick stump, andy, or joe. THEY ARE ON HIATUS.
  • probably my favorite Black Cards track. :)
  • am i the only fall out boy fan who actually likes this song? <-- Nope. It's catchy in it's own 'non-FOB' way. Yay Pete for trying something new.
  • don't hate on Black Cards just because it isn't Fall Out Boy. this is Pete trying something new and having fun creating music he likes. he's not trying to recreate FOB's sound and I, for one, am glad.
  • am i the only fall out boy fan who actually likes this song? i mean, i understand if this isn't your kind of music, but... people change. pete changed. don't hate him for it. i'll support him whatever he does. <3

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