• HAVES: KC/Lawrence (& more) Music: #-K

    18 Nov 2010, 02:57 by thisisahiijack

    1. This is a journal containing bands and albums I have recordings from on my computer. Though I try to support local music as best as I can by attending shows and buying albums, not all of this music I am in direct physical possession of through purchase.
    2. Not all of the bands below are directly from the KC/Lawrence area. Other cities and towns I keep in this collection are Topeka, KS, Columbia, MO, Wichita, KS, Warrensburg, MO, Manhattan, KS, and a few other, more rural areas of the region. Essentially, it contains everything east of and including Wichita in Kansas, and everything west of and including Columbia in Missouri.
    3. In addition to the previous point, you will notice that not all of the bands here are current residents of the region. Many bands (Mates of State, White Rabbits, etc.) unfortunately decided to move away to a larger metro area. Others (The Appleseed Cast, Namelessnumberheadman), were started in different regions and then relocated here at some point, usually early in their career. …
  • I need new music.

    12 Feb 2010, 15:05 by EnteringEden

    I've gotten kind of bored with all of the music I've been listening to for the past few months. Nothing is really interesting or exciting anymore. The coolest thing I've been listening to lately is Lykke Li and Black Bear. I'm hoping to find something fantastic...if anyone has any suggestions, I'll gladly take them.

    Lykke Li Black Bear

    Have a lovely day!
  • you are on drugs

    12 Jan 2009, 22:48 by ShShawShShane

    before I get to the subject line, I'd just like to mention that you can now watch the premiere of the second season of Flight of the Conchords online at both HBO & IMDB <---(you must be a registered user). it wont air on television 'til sunday. the episode is hilarious, as per usual, and the song at the end is now one of my favorite Conchords songs.

    moving on, a friend recently asked me to make him a very specific sort of mix cd. I eagerly accepted the challenge and ended up with a playlist over three albums long. I edited it down slightly, removing any tracks that broke the seven & half minute mark (which sadly cut out tracks by Joanna Newsom, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Fuck Buttons), and ended up with a three disc mix. each disc runs slightly under 80 minutes, so you can burn your own at home. I'm putting up all 3 track lists for your listening enjoyment. I heartily suggest being a lifelong fan of every artist listed. get on it!
  • Top Ten for 2008, Honorable Mentions, and Discoveries

    19 Dec 2008, 09:51 by AnUprightBear

    Some people reminisce about the passing year by sitting in front of a nice fire with their family and some egg nog. Some people look back on the year by obsessively listing and judging things. Guess which type of person I am.

    Top Ten Albums
    10. The Mae ShiHLLLYH
    There are just not enough solid innovative rock albums out there, especially ones that just straight up rock. The Mae Shi do this extremely well.
    9. The Hold SteadyStay Positive
    I would say this was the summer album of the year. I feel I might be rating it too highly but they put on an amazing show and I’ve just gained such a connection with The Hold Steady this year that it’s hard not to rate it so highly.
    8. No AgeNouns
    Great noise rock. More cohesive than Weirdo Rippers. They put on a great show. Also, one of the loudest shows I’ve been to. If you get the chance, watch High School Record, as well. It’s like if Napoleon Dynamite didn’t suck and was carefully written and directed by someone…
  • No Experience Necessary Playlist 10/1/08

    2 Oct 2008, 00:48 by spanwayhits

    1. Vaudeville Love Factory- Picnic Song
    2. Zephuros- Cobblestone
    3. Mixylodian- Clara and the Pixies
    4. Vonnegut Dollhouse- Teacher Breath
    5. Carsick- The Saddest Key
    6. David Bellow and his God-Given Right- Pull Your Pigtails
    7. Bright Eyes- Saturday as usual
    8. Black Bear- Black Bear
    9. Neutral Milk Hotel- Snow Song pt. 1
    10. The Crabs- Something in my Life
    11. Human Resources- Exploding Heads
    12. Diabetic Socks- Squirrel
    13. Old War Shirt- He Lies to Myself
    14. Pants Yell!- Magenta and Green
    15. The Proclivities- Move Around the Floor
    16. Dustin and the Furniture- You Were There (In the snow)
    17. Matisse and Carrots- I shoulda done something with my life
  • Here goes 2007

    29 Jan 2007, 13:26 by theneonfever

    I'm already forgetting this year's live music thus far - so hey! Year-long journal GO for the gigs of 2007 (this WILL be an utter mess)

    The Refuseniks w/ Dead Pixels @ Halloween Short Film Festival, ICA

    The Priscillas w/ Bolt Action Five @ Halloween Short Film Festival, ICA (Jan 10th)

    Man Like Me w/ X-ray eyes @ Club Motherfucker, Bardens Boudoir (Jan 13th)

    Look Look (Dancing Boys) @ Open Source, SOAS Student Union (Feb 2nd)

    Chromeo @ People Are Germs, Old Blue Last (Feb 9th)

    Crystal Castles @ Chalk, The Scala (Feb 10th)

    Lo-Fi-Fnk, A Human, Friendly Fires and Shy Child, Fabric (Feb 16th)

    Look Look (Dancing Boys) w/ Lost Penguin @ Gash, 333 (Feb 17th)

    Flosstradamus w/ Kid Sister, A-TRAK and DJ Craze @ Since Day One, Cargo (Feb 22nd)

    The Gossip w/ The Violets, PRE and Bonde do Role, The Astoria (Feb 24th)

    Crystal Castles @ Radical Friends, 333 (March 2nd)

    Marvellous Macc Mello @ Club Motherfucker, Bardens Boudoir (March 24th)

    TTC and JME @ Chalk, The Scala (March 24th)
  • Top 12 (roughly) of 2006

    26 Dec 2006, 21:59 by VMWhelan

    Well it's that time of year that everyone pumps out these lists. This years list was hard... not because there was so much, but because I almost left it as a top 9. It's not that this was a shitty year for music, its because last year was such a good year, that i'm still discovering CDs from 2005 and listening to them. Maybe 2007 will be a good year for 2006.

    So here's the list, and it's subject to change within a few months. I'm not even sure if this is the right order now, and I suck at mini reviews.

    EDIT: Changing the order a little, added an album and added an honorable mention.

    01. Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up, I am Dreaming
    I don't know if this is number 1 because its the best or because I decided it in the summer. I listened to this album a shitload of times toward the middle of the year, and I enjoyed every second of it. I recently went back to it this month and I still loved every minute of it. This album blows Wolf Parade out of the water. Maybe Wolf Parade will be the side project soon.
  • Bears!

    16 Aug 2006, 15:36 by fionapinkstars

    I seem to be listening to a lot of music by bands with Bear-related names at the moment. So much so that I'm considering having a week of Bear-only music.

    So far we've covered;
    Black Bear
    Grizzly Bear
    My beloved polar bear
    Volcano the Bear

    Next on the list;
    Panda Bear
    Huggy Bear

    Anymore suggestions? Go!
  • Does tonight make me craaaaaazy?

    10 Aug 2006, 12:34 by tritochs

    Today began on the couch at my house, with Wolf Parade tickets at will call, and one of my friends in Minneapolis.

    Around 2:15 we decided to head to Minneapolis in order to get there in time for the Of Montreal show at 6PM. At 6:15 we arrived at First Avenue and got in line to get in. Free ticket & drinks got the night started for me, since I had all the Wolf Parade tickets. Pretty soon The Minders started and finished their set. of Montreal stepped up and I got down in front (it was all ages, and 5 rows back I was still the tallest furthest forward) and thouroughly danced the fuck out like I was a middle schooler too. Playing various old Satanic Panic in the Attic Sunlandic Twins and new Hissing Fauna: Are You The Destroyer songs, they finished with a Crazy cover (I have a short video).

    The Wolf Parade show was not to begin for another hour or so, and there was a drink special next door so we slammed some more rum & cokes and then cruised downtown to try and find some munchies. …
  • twinkles and fuzz

    4 Aug 2006, 16:22 by fionapinkstars

    A couple of things, firstly, I'd be eternally grateful if any kind soul were to want to give/sell me a ticket to either Ben Kweller at Dingwalls, or the Ryan Adams London date; It turns out I'm rubbish at buying tickets before they sell out, despite knowing when they go on sale and everything.

    Other things to note include my current obsession with anything which could remotely be described as one man and his guitar making fuzzy folksy indie noise. Saw The Mountain Goats last night, and was pretty impressed, then came home and wanted to buy lots of incredible stuff on vinyl. Listening to music on a computer a lot makes me crave the effort and crackle of my record player.

    Things that have delighted my ears today include Loney, dear and Black Bear, and pretty much anything from either marriage or K.

    This was a very inessential journal entry, please accept my apologies.