• Review: Björk - The Music From Drawing Restraint 9

    1 Dec 2005, 00:18 by Fidgital

    I love Björk's fearlessness, her relentless inventiveness, her alienness, her sophisticated naïveté... And no album has been more full of these things than her soundtrack to husband Matthew Barney's new film, Drawing Restraint 9.

    This ain't Debut or Post - it's not a pop record. Most of the tracks are instrumental, with percussive bell and harpsichord tones, discordant brass, and glitchy electronic sounds. The first song isn't even sung by Björk, but by Will Oldham instead. But Björk's style and bizarre sensibility is all over this record, recognizable even without her unique voice.

    Highlights for me include the hypnotic bells and rhythms of Ambergris March, featuring production from Mark Bell of LFO. I also really enjoyed the very strange brass arrangements on Shimenawa.

    Here, Björk completes the transition from artsy pop star to ex-pop art star, which she's taken one step closer towards with each successive solo album. It's difficult to compare this to anyone…