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  • Avatar for sarinasingh
    unbelievably unreal
  • Avatar for Gahbs_
    This song live is something from another world. Beautiful.!
  • Avatar for filipalb
    best song on medulla
  • Avatar for luen05
    that ending is mindblowing
  • Avatar for NiniusNunius
    The best song on Medúlla
  • Avatar for Shloook
    Beautifully intricate
  • Avatar for protoporfiryna
    The choir in the background provides amazing vibes!
  • Avatar for gallic_shrug
    The background music is magical!
  • Avatar for deamstick
  • Avatar for Red_Pain
    ohh-ehh-oh-ahh-a-AH-a [9]
  • Avatar for VOLT4
    great great greaaaaaaaaaaaat
  • Avatar for rocketsandwich
    ohh-ehh-oh-ahh-a-AH-a [8]
  • Avatar for jho_tavares
    ohh-ehh-oh-ahh-a-AH-a [7]
  • Avatar for le-thomasss
    YES!!! also, didnt that band "mouths cradle" get their name from this song? i was watching them live on youtube and they sample the beginning of the song, too. now im curious
  • Avatar for Hansori
    ohh-ehh-oh-ahh-a-AH-a [6]
  • Avatar for Kerafiki
    1:40 is sexy
  • Avatar for Expiredpop
    huhuhuhuh HOOO HOOOO. .. feckin brilliant
  • Avatar for bregah
    ohh-ehh-oh-ahh-a-AH-a [5]
  • Avatar for bleachgeek4973
    ohh-ehh-oh-ahh-a-AH-a [4]
  • Avatar for St8of_Emergency
    ohh-ehh-oh-ahh-a-AH-a [3]
  • Avatar for BrynnerFell
  • Avatar for naynay1129
    freaking love this
  • Avatar for KiingNothing
  • Avatar for Sameh93
    Holy cow.
  • Avatar for XDRory
    Should've been the opening song. Brilliant, brilliant track!
  • Avatar for rrrrrmmmmm
    one of her songs that brings me to tears
  • Avatar for sir_toddalot
    wish i could make love
  • Avatar for fairwesr
    infrared love
  • Avatar for MyBoyBuilds
    the throat-singing is the best part. it's sounds like she's gonna cough up a hair ball!
  • Avatar for esquelet
    This song is to listen to it when you making love.
  • Avatar for optimistic_tour
    holy crap.
  • Avatar for needmymusictoda
    Excellent +
  • Avatar for GazGod
  • Avatar for lliill
    just amazing... easily best song on Medulla. One of her best works if not to say her best!
  • Avatar for ultimatedhani
    Great track with such a deep beat. One of my favorites from Medulla
  • Avatar for astroholiday
    Detest the Osama and Bushes part.
  • Avatar for modern_thing
    Best song on Medúlla [2]
  • Avatar for foxconfessormf
    strangely easily one of my favorite songs ever...
  • Avatar for Ackibear
  • Avatar for meister333
    Best song on Medúlla
  • Avatar for victorfreitas
    this song gives me tickle in the ear lol
  • Avatar for exconstranger
    the live version is amazing... but why leave out the Osamas and Bushes? :P
  • Avatar for ambianceinsky
    this tooth is warmthlike! :]
  • Avatar for sinaliento
    could dance to this for hours...
  • Avatar for sinaliento
  • Avatar for a_dayum
    why did it take so long for me to like this... love this.
  • Avatar for Knifymoloko
    This is one impressive track... Barely discovering Bjork.
  • Avatar for YoSoyJoss
    this song must be danced with the tongue: "u can use those teeth as a ladder up to mouth craddle"...
  • Avatar for r_2_r
    For me -- the best track on Bjork's most beautiful album. Totally addictive!
  • Avatar for finflwr
    Fantastically uplifting song! : ) !!!!!


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