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  • Avatar for buttgammon
    I've played this so many times but it still never fails to give me goosebumps
  • Avatar for rrrrrmmmmm
    i imagine what my pussy would sound like slamming against those cocks
  • Avatar for halcyon6
    Lmao is it really necessary to mention in the wiki that Gondry is from Versailles [2] ROFL
  • Avatar for xTimxo
  • Avatar for MEL_MEL
    ❤ ♡ ♥
  • Avatar for gabrieltoscanov
    her masterpiece
  • Avatar for wilcaz
    pretty sure no songs are better than this
  • Avatar for phoenixdbp
    she really is gorgeous
  • Avatar for SasukeJJ
    "i go through all this before you wake up"... it's about early am cardio, right? ;^)
  • Avatar for The_Avacado
    Love this track.
  • Avatar for toehairmonkey
    My favorite Bjork song!
  • Avatar for OberonTheFool
    I sing this from rooftops all the time.
  • Avatar for JerryZola25
  • Avatar for astroholiday
    Lmao is it really necessary to mention in the wiki that Gondry is from Versailles
  • Avatar for darqmommy
    bjork can charm empathy and heartfelt emotion out of a synthesyzer... like all the electronica greats...
  • Avatar for QuickLightning
    To many feels
  • Avatar for EsteffyNavarroo
    ♥ :')
  • Avatar for tahbyfet
    Dat house nod at the end
  • Avatar for Rock_n_Robin
    Björk stands alone...nobody like her.
  • Avatar for NotTheLuckyOne
    gorgeous and still brilliant!
  • Avatar for moainateacup
    Chill bumps, timeless and futruristic but it old school for me. Happy sadness ughhhh my words are not good enough. such a great song!
  • Avatar for aaroswarski
    i go thru all this....
  • Avatar for EnyaStoules
    hermosisima :) just art
  • Avatar for phoenixdbp
    great song, great lyrics
  • Avatar for Sameh93
    I can't even explain the effect this has on me when she sings "And when it lands. Will my eyes be closed or open?" and the music in the background halfway dies down. Lyrical perfection combined with musical perfection.
  • Avatar for Sameh93
    Is there even any doubt that this is the best song Bjork ever made?
  • Avatar for St8of_Emergency
    This is the song Bjork will be remembered for. [2]
  • Avatar for rissastellar!
  • Avatar for sassychavi
    One of my favorite Bjork songs...beautiful.
  • Avatar for crewelmoi
    Beauty in tragedy. She has to imagine the most horrible death so she can feel safe and be happy. Bjork is genius for capturing that darkness in such a beautiful way.
  • Avatar for yoonjchoi
    so many fillinz
  • Avatar for FIL1994
    This song has grown on me a lot since the first listen. Amazing song. Bjork is a genius
  • Avatar for Constellation66
    This was my first ever Bjork song I heard...loved her ever since.
  • Avatar for JellyBean1994
    This is wonderful.
  • Avatar for cungfajar
    fly n fly..
  • Avatar for tru_a_lister35
    i love this track....people sleeping on bjork
  • Avatar for rmalde
  • Avatar for rakarakaraka
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
  • Avatar for St8of_Emergency
    and the strings at the end are GLORIOUS.
  • Avatar for St8of_Emergency
    I was blown away when I first heard this. Still blows me away everytime I listen. One of the best songs ever written IMO
  • Avatar for daile
    this is easily one of my all-time favorite songs, EVER. ♥
  • Avatar for DEATHINFIREX
    She has such sex hair in the video.
  • Avatar for FelicianoNeitzk
    A Versão da Voltaic <3 [2]
  • Avatar for zwiecha
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    gives me shivers
  • Avatar for dazasero
    bjork used to freak me out. now i can appreciate her older music. current bjork still freaks me out.
  • Avatar for youagain92
    overwhelmed by the incredible state of emotion, reverie and hope that provides Hyperballad.
  • Avatar for felipssucks
    Isn't it Hyper-ballad instead Hyperballad?
  • Avatar for FyoMiDos
    great song


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