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"fizzes and pops like the kind of 80’s pop that your parents compare modern chart music to"

Breaking down dancefloors with off-kilter beats and wonky synths from their bedroom studio, London-based dance-pop duo Birthday Sex slink into physical existence with their cassette/digital single debut, ‘Wurp'.

Getting together over a shared love of 90’s dance beats, John Maus, Noughties RnB and online cake-porn, Harriet’s sassy lyricism & Tom’s left-of-centre productions collide in a bid to make pop music fun again.

After a smattering of online original releases, a Wayne Wonder cover, and numerous remixes, ‘Wurp’ sees Birthday Sex take their next step into a world full of percussive playfulness and catchy hooks while ‘Beamer’ offers up a more laid back synthy soundtrack to the best slumber party you never had.


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