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  • Avatar for mckennaraye
    Love them so much <3
  • Avatar for Noloben
    Love the music, but music videos are... Well, if I say what I thinh it would be too offensive.
  • Avatar for RolfMedeiros
    The Bullet Within is just ♥!
  • Avatar for Iezuz
    with all those videos and twitter updates, I'm totally craving for the new album... and... stuff *_>°
  • Avatar for Sebii89
    Seen them in Cologne. I truly liked their concert!
  • Avatar for muverick
    Birdeatsbaby are trying to raise funds to put out their best album so far, "THE BULLET WITHIN"… #backthebullet
  • Avatar for ArtificialLeech
    Any Chance of someday seeing you wonderful people in Denver CO? *finger cross*
  • Avatar for NefandusDeus
  • Avatar for CheesePills
    so lovely
  • Avatar for Hermes3megisto
    Nice...! X)
  • Avatar for ringwraith10
    YES, USA tour going on right now! They'll be in my city on Friday. :D
  • Avatar for ringwraith10
    Seriously, how don't they have more listeners? There must be some mistake...
  • Avatar for obscvre
    Doll music!
  • Avatar for alexi1000
    Very Cool! 8)
  • Avatar for noisybishop
    Review of Feast of Hammers
  • Avatar for Mizzz3
    Stumbled at and just listenned Feast of Hammers. Love at the first sight *_____*
  • Avatar for DarkShura
    EU GOSTEI!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for naniterra
    Sound good!!! Loved it!
  • Avatar for TaggingMachine
    Untagged from "[tag]under 2000 listeners[/tag]" at 3818 listeners. It may take a while for the change to show. Visit the group [group]under 2000 listeners[/group] for more info.
  • Avatar for OlwenLAST
    Nice :o
  • Avatar for boobookittyfcuk
  • Avatar for FloreDimartino
    Wow,this is good.
  • Avatar for BlElHo
    Thank you for awesome songs!!!
  • Avatar for azdradel
    Can't wait to listen to your new album ! When will it be released ?
  • Avatar for Marguip
    So good!
  • Avatar for Aniel-AK
    Офигенные!!!! Love them!!!
  • Avatar for Despicable-Hero
    Also, (1,508 listeners) That has to be a joke... They're amazing...
  • Avatar for Caelvanna
    I was able to make it to one of their U.S. shows this past week (which was awesome because there were only four). THEY.ARE.AMAZING!
  • Avatar for alicefairyberry
    amanda palmer seems to have lost her edge, good thing we have birdeatsbaby to pick up the pieces
  • Avatar for Artanna
    i saw the video for The Trouble on Youtube and immediately bought their album. I regret nothing,.
  • Avatar for Duschniouf
    I just listened to your album, bought yesterday... I love it ! Thanks for the show, and thanks for the signing !
  • Avatar for coathanger
    Get Birdeatsbaby's song Cancer for free in exchange for one tweet:
  • Avatar for Argaalofthemyst
    Great band. I was recently introduced to their music by a friend who is really into them. The EP is fantastic and the album is really growing on me too. Awesome work.
  • Avatar for socallednoir
    You're welcome! :D
  • Avatar for NixGalith
    thanks!!!!! :D
  • Avatar for socallednoir
    @NixGalith, you can found the lyrics at their official website. :) Here's the link for The Trouble:
  • Avatar for NixGalith
    PLEASE!! I need The trouble's lyrics. could someone send me the lyrics?
  • Avatar for thornykins
    @ nalA__, it counts how many people have played the track.
  • Avatar for missjade29
    Just downloaded the new album - good stuff guys!
  • Avatar for Inmensidad_Azul
    Love it.
  • Avatar for sophiesoph_
    fucking amazing.
  • Avatar for nalA__
    Hmm.. something's wrong here... This says China Doll is your top track with 7 plays in the last seven days. My profile shows that i alone have played it more than this in the last seven days... Very odd.
  • Avatar for JakobLangley
    Having a hard time finding this.... <3
  • Avatar for boobookittyfcuk
    officially my new band crush
  • Avatar for macnerd1
    *officially the sex*

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