• Show Preview: A3C 2006: Atlanta, GA, The Loft

    19 Feb 2006, 23:23 by kry716

    In an unprecendented move for my journal, I'm going to do a show preview. For a couple reasons. First of all, it's a very big show (or should I say "event") so it probably deserves a little prelude. Secondly, I haven't written much useful here in a while and there aren't any big shows planned between now and the end of March, so I might as well take up some space here.

    The A3C is a three day independent hip-hop festival held in Midtown Atlanta at the Loft and put together by ArcTheFinger Records (which means I get in for free). The innagural outing was last year, but I was unable to attend as it fell during spring break of my senior year in college, so I was enjoying myself out in California. But I'll be around for it this year. Last year's event included about 20-25 acts and was, from all accounts, a pretty big success (after all, it made it to year two). However, it will be even bigger and better this time around. …