2 Sep 2007, 06:44 by lyrical_itty

    Billy Klippert's love affair with music started as a wee babe. In the heart of Alberta, this Calgary native saw himself with instrument in hand, and music singing through his soul. He had no choice but to follow his calling. Growing up within a musical family, Billy's own father owned a musical instrument store. Being around music every day, he started with a fascination for most of the instruments in the store and confessed at one point to have broken a fair number of them.

    When Billy heard his first taste of Metallica, he knew his calling would simply not be the accordion (like his father), or his father's shop, but to create a sound that was all his own. One he found he shared with his brother Bennie, as they formed their band Kovered in Lies in 2000. The alternative rock sound would showcase both of the Klippert brothers and their talents. In 2003, Billy's sister steered him to audition for the first season of Canadian Idol (CI). …
  • Sound track to my life.

    8 Sep 2006, 23:02 by miranda6blues

    Open your Music, and hit Shuffle, and right the song title and artist, next to each question.

    Soundtrack to your life:

    Opening Credits: Hello Little Girl- The Beatles[hehe.]

    Waking Up Scene: Candle in The Wind- Elton John. wtf.

    Car Driving Scene: Further Up The Road- Johnny Cash

    High School Flashback Scene: Devil's Party- INXS

    Nostalgic Scene: Hallejuah- Rufus Wainwright

    Bitter, Angry Scene: Call It a Day- The Raconteurs[ makes no sense.. more like the opposite.]

    Break-up Scene: Good Day- Angels & Airwaves. ironic.

    Agony scene: So I'll Sit Here Waiting- The Like

    Regret Scene: Ring Of Fire- Joaquin Phoenix

    Nightclub/Bar Scene: Steady As She Goes- The Raconteurs

    Fight/Action Scene: Hello- Maroon 5

    Lawn Mowing Scene: Yahweh- U2... agaaiiinn.

    Sad, breakdown scene: Loving The Small Time- Kara's Flowers

    Death Scene: Sexyback- Justin TimberlakeLOLZ.

    Funeral Scene: Who Knew- Pink.

    Mellow/Pot-smoking Scene: Scars- Billy Klippert