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    This is maybe the best song I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for Eye_Gore
    Favorite song of his.
  • Avatar for frearson10
    You are very welcome Kate (bohemian_chic)!!!! A hard-core song by BJ!
  • Avatar for bohemian_chic
    Brilliant… thanks for the share Darrell (frearson10)
  • Avatar for tomrud73
    such a depressing song. that's why it's SOOOOO GREAT.
  • Avatar for davidmills71
  • Avatar for frearson10
    This song rivals Piano Man, but never got exposure! 2 Epic tracks on 1 album!
  • Avatar for frearson10
    Highly overlooked song, one of the best by BJ
  • Avatar for ThePowerStation
  • Avatar for shep_shepherd
    Billy once said this song was inspired by bored middle class teenagers on Long Island, and the drug dealer (the titular Captain Jack) who would supply them with what they needed to be less bored.
  • Avatar for alfie_1991
    I'm certain that this man is the greatest songwriter of all time.
  • Avatar for sls
    cpt. jack got me high tonight; took me to my special island. ... and, ...
  • Avatar for Freakth
    hard nights by the window,beneath the spot,writing songs in emotions from such complete lyrics.Songs with this class are always rememberd.
  • Avatar for ravenclaw94
    Very nice song.
  • Avatar for Bandit17C
    Killer lyrics.
  • Avatar for prime1128
    Dear God, these lyrics are hardcore.
  • Avatar for Wyndam-Price
    lol, wtf?
  • Avatar for sco703
    Such a fantastic song.
  • Avatar for adaam2
    what a great song. reminds me of Warren Zevon
  • Avatar for prominence_la
    YESS. Genius, indeed. I was going to quote a line, but I think I'd end up quoting the whole damn song. 6'19", however, is just brilliant.
  • Avatar for sco703
    There's a line in this song that really hits home for my family. I never knew the line until just now while listening to the song. Extremely disturbed.
  • Avatar for PianoTyp
  • Avatar for Tyrano
    I wish I could get to him right now so he could take me to my special island
  • Avatar for dekraplaya0
    men, this song should be in the top 3 on Billy´s songs ever
  • Avatar for Keylogg
    <3 Billy Joel
  • Avatar for maine6622
    one of billy joel"s best, classic 4 sure............
  • Avatar for psangel
    Captain Morgan will get ya by tonight!
  • Avatar for JukeBoxHero48
    You go, Billy :-) Had this in my head of your best
  • Avatar for Distron
    Just a little push, you'll be smiling. Not an anti drug song but a song based on life's experiences.....IMHO
  • Avatar for maine6622
    I think it has to do with capt jack having a drug problem, not an anti drug thing, great song anyway
  • Avatar for SirhanDuran
    this has a terribly written description
  • Avatar for sirenonthe101
    the best
  • Avatar for a_jeda
    jepp !
  • Avatar for Anondurl
    Oh, one last thing. I forgot to mention. This may sound like a pro drug song but Billy himself wrote it as an anti drug song. There are also some speculations as to the name. Some theories include the fact that just outside his house in oyster bay there was a drug dealer called Captain Jack. Also I believe captain jack is a slang term for some sort of drug so that might be it. Thanks to anyone patient enough to read all this
  • Avatar for Anondurl
    It's a great song! I love it. One question though, In the video here it shows some glass semi circles around the players. Is that for security? If so "What is the world coming to when a singer isn't safe?" And if there for sound "I really don't care that much, Billy could move around and make the song cooler if he wasn't boxed in"
  • Avatar for siggi5665
    Not from Piano Man! Any ideas???
  • Avatar for palmerick
    Play and vote for the best Billy Joel cover song:
  • Avatar for stlthbmr
    Such syle.
  • Avatar for habbo-boy
    i guess its ok :D
  • Avatar for BSFan57
    Is this one of the greatest ever, or what!?!?!
  • Avatar for kerplunkin
    hmmmmmmm. yep!
  • Avatar for DMac19
    oh yea baby... chemical dependency all the way! why learn and do something productive when you can just zone out! but still a great song... it is more of an awareness song anyway.
  • Avatar for Proteus09
    Maximum strength genius.
  • Avatar for kerplunkin
    One of my fav's! Ennui!
  • Avatar for bicknor
    Captain Jack - recently seen in Torchwood, and previously its anagram, Doctor Who.
  • Avatar for JukeBoxHero48
    "Captain Jack" ~ one of my faves of Billy Joel's
  • Avatar for stevieburr
    increase the peace x
  • Avatar for korth
    easily the coolest song ever
  • Avatar for pottedplant73
    They just found your father in the swimming pool, and you guess you won't be going back to school, anymore.


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