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  • " Requiem 4 a Dream " : Jennifer Connelly , Jared Leto , Marlon Wayans . thanx , [user]redtoy[/user]
  • sum foto . looks like ZOMBIE-MAN
  • This album is really stunning, as suggested by its Medusa cover.
  • Night of the Billy Dead
  • Play a game about the albums of Billy Joel ! http://www.purposegames.com/game/albums-billy-joel-game
  • Piano Man....by far...hands down....best damn bar sing-a-long song EVER!!!!
  • Is this the track listing for the "best of" of the same title? That really needs fixing.
  • Kerrigan in StarCraft:Brood War.
  • whats wrong with u people? the cover is fine and its just a cover after all, what so scare?
  • his best-all down hill for me after this
  • Qué clasicazo!!
  • Какая ужасная обложка!...
  • The cover art is legendary. Don't talk shit bout the Piano Man.
  • The track listing is screwed up. Also, I thought the face on the album cover was a woman when I was little.
  • @evelen55: lol xD!
  • Hello, (evelenwilliams@yahoo.com) How are you doing today ? hope fine.My name is Evelyn came across your profile here in (last.fm/even) and after going through it l found you so ininterestingope you don't mind.You can contact me with this email addaddress that l can send you my pic mail to (evelenwilliams@yahoo.com) Hope to hear from you soon,have a nice day & stay blessed. Am Evelyn
  • My parents favourite album ever- and mine too. The "piano man" accompanied us at our wedding dance last year :-)
  • Love, love, love it!
  • Great tune. A painfully true picture of the downward spiraling, heavy drug culture. Reminds me of the indie movie, "Requiem for a Dream", a very intense, but good film.
  • Was my dads favorite album.
  • firstly, I don't think the cover art is THAT creepy, and secondly, I'm shocked nobody has mentioned how phenomenal the album itself is. it is! I'm not a major vinyl connoisseur, but this one is particularly satisfying to listen to on a record player. trust me!
  • More like Please Billy Don't Hurt 'Em.
  • zopwx2 speaks the truth
  • The back gets me more.
  • Scariest cover art ever

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