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    A great artist who doesn't the credit for crafting some fine music..Much better than a lot of todays artists.
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  • Avatar for leolegend
    why did he stop?
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    As far as simply pure pop artists go, I have trouble naming to many artist who can match the career Billy has had.
  • Avatar for Ronnieekins
    This man knows how to make you dance to his melodies
  • Avatar for aarbl
    honestly one of the greatests [5]
  • Avatar for Range341
    I wish this man would do one final album, surprise us like David Bowie did.
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    Master of melody and song writing.
  • Avatar for ajablagargala
    He's alright.
  • Avatar for dumdun
    Vienna XD
  • Avatar for Zephirx
    honestly one of the greatests [4]
  • Avatar for excentro
    Cold Spring Harbour <3
  • Avatar for marv8396
    honestly one of the greatests [3]
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    Just really started listening to Storm Front and gotta say it's great. Not his best, but still really solid. Great big production stadium rock.
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    honestly one of the greatests [2]
  • Avatar for CelesteSoybean
    honestly one of the greatests
  • Avatar for PowersauceBar
    I used to write him off as easy listening music for yuppies. Then I grew up and years ago in my 20s listened to him and his album tracks. He's a great fucking songwriter and created the best pop music ever. Here's to you, piano man.
  • Avatar for bad18
    v v v - The bigger crime is "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" barely made the Top 15. [3]
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    v v v - The bigger crime is "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" barely made the Top 15. [2] Easily his best for me
  • Avatar for Dingbat1991
    v v v - The bigger crime is "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" barely made the Top 15.
  • Avatar for NoeRickman
    All about soul ♥
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
  • Avatar for Tcheck-sdl
    I'm shocked that Tell her about it isn't in the top 5, for me it was my first encounter knowing that there is this guy called Billy Joel. One of the best love songs ever!
  • Avatar for LeaveYouBehind
    Концерт на канале Культура в Новогоднюю ночь был великолепен! Спасибо!
  • Avatar for enorerm
    Vienna ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for Kawww
  • Avatar for Tholral
    I'm so excited I discovered this guy. This is before my time, I had to do some digging to find it. My Life - Piano Man - Still Rock 'n' Roll to Me - Honesty.
  • Avatar for RachelCarrie
    Vienna ♥
  • Avatar for WildVegas
    We Didn't Start the Fire ❤
  • Avatar for sls
    kinda overrated but he's got some good songs
  • Avatar for AleksKelso
    Інколи навіть приємно послухати такі балади. А то постійно треш, метал і т.д...
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    не люблю подобную музыку, скучные баллады. но по сравнению с отстоем из 80-х типа всяких брайанов адамсов он просто гигант
  • Avatar for CBNetRadio
    We played so many songs by billy back on KFMK in Houston Texas. His songs are excellent!
  • Avatar for GabrielBodao
    The best one <3333
  • Avatar for brabonjak
    And the waitress is practicing politics As the businessmen slowly get stoned Yes, they're sharing a drink they call loneliness But it's better than drinkin' alone. <3
  • Avatar for MusicMagic77
    >> Just a [url=]recommendation[/url] ...
  • Avatar for sammyfunster
  • Avatar for Gabriel_ds
    Leave A Tender Moment Alone <3
  • Avatar for Slim_rafa
    bom dimais
  • Avatar for zackattackkkk
    I always wanted to see #BillyJoel in #NYC. Looks like he will be @ Madison Square Garden soon! #presale #MSG @CitiPrivatePass #excited
  • Avatar for Varnish_ice
    Honesty <3
  • Avatar for Panecea
    •*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*• BILLY •*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•
  • Avatar for ayehd
    Love <3
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  • Avatar for b-factor
    My favorite Billy album is An Innocent Man!
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  • Avatar for BodyForSoul
    he greatest singer songwriters his early albums the best Cold Spring Harbor Piano Man Turnstiles all classic singer songwriter 70's albums that is my music style as a muscian so I listen to those albums most.Billy is one of music's great melodie writers and story tellers!
  • Avatar for Dylanisgod2
    this guy is underrated.
  • Avatar for flickothewrist
    Monumentally gifted, musician's musician, an absolute pleasure to share in his remarkable genius over the years and for me along with Tom petty the greatest male contemporary talent American has ever produced, marvellous


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