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  • Avatar for TIGERSNAKEMAN
    iconic album.I hear ya luudron!
  • Avatar for KConn3711
    this is a fusion blitz
  • Avatar for KConn3711
    this is one sick MOFO!
  • Avatar for Cure1980
    it s like speed jazz in an rock dress.dancing in a cube.,.
  • Avatar for Oldiefan84
    Bugatti Veyron der Drummer............
  • Avatar for luudron
    don't forget about Tommy Bolin on guitar
  • Avatar for jazzornoo
    twelve-cylinder drum
  • Avatar for TomatoPureeFuck
    God-like arms
  • Avatar for jc-vs-hst
    A band totally on it. One of the best opening songs to any album.
  • Avatar for EmmettNorthJr
  • Avatar for gmorton731
    gotta love the double bass shuffle
  • Avatar for NorthernExile
    Crazy, wonderful and inspiring stuff !
  • Avatar for myrimelomania
    Wow es fantástico!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for gazonga1
    Human drum machine!!!
  • Avatar for jaynumber13
    I asked a classmate of mine why there weren't any jazz drummers that don't do double bass, and he told me about this. Awesome!
  • Avatar for robert-oh-oh
    A league of his own.......sen,,,,effin....sational.
  • Avatar for BlueOclock
  • Avatar for Nobantu
  • Avatar for silversurfer250
    High Octane....
  • Avatar for CAESARSDREAM
    This was an excellent follow up album for Cobham after the 1st Vishnu band ended. Adding a bit more rock and bop...excellent tune...lives up to it's title. Will be a fusion classic forever.
  • Avatar for MrsRieffers
    Yes, he get it!
  • Avatar for megabudzik
    ja man the drum sec sick
  • Avatar for Madface22
    Kick Ass!
  • Avatar for geminiblue
    This blows the cobwebs away.
  • Avatar for mazobe
    go faster, do it!
  • Avatar for zappa4ever
  • Avatar for ShaniaEve!
  • Avatar for veldblom
    Hit me with your rhythm stick...................
  • Avatar for GERRYGUITAR
    The most amazing band ever.... faultless!
  • Avatar for Mactele52
  • Avatar for Haiku96708
    Gerry thats wild :)
  • Avatar for pone2none
    super ditto all! hes a master doing what he loves to do.
  • Avatar for Skiye
    yeah, i believe at the time this album was released, he was playing the acrylic "Fibes Drumkit" - the clear one that he used with the Mahavishnu Orchestra.
  • Avatar for ledheadtaylor
    So is he playing a double pedal / double bass drum?
  • Avatar for wizardkitty
    YES!! Dododododo-dododo-dodo-dodo-do-do-do-do-do0000000!
  • Avatar for kjelldell
    Insane track!! Pure energy...
  • Avatar for MrBuddyDoot
    was able to do a seminar back in the late 70's in NY with Billy. I was 19-20 what an experience!
  • Avatar for eymensg
    yep pure quality, still great
  • Avatar for peaceseeker53
  • Avatar for Skiye
    a monster of epic proportions.
  • Avatar for circuitsmith
    I saw Billy play in the mid '70s. He had an assistant standing by constantly tightening and resetting his kit. I kid you not! He was beating it apart and the kick drums were walking away.
  • Avatar for Tongman
    Go head, Somebody say it. COBHAM IS A MONSTER. i likey!
  • Avatar for Bodhidrop
    2nd wave Fusion that's still cool! Yeah...Bolan, and Lee Sklar (!) are great on this. Spectrum is a pretty cool record, even for nonfusionistas
  • Avatar for gunnar-eee
    The late Tommy Bolin on guitar, one of the worlds best guitar performances ever.
  • Avatar for bwanaDik
    the guitar is sick, too.
  • Avatar for cicciobread
    il metallaro del jazz!!!
  • Avatar for dhrystone
  • Avatar for Hendrix_7
  • Avatar for Turce
  • Avatar for RalfGer09
    pure energy


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