• Song Of The Day - 01 Apr 2009: These Strange Times

    3 Apr 2009, 03:59 by sablespecter

    Personal One-Hit Wonder (Actually, this is the first Two Half-Hit Wonder!)

    Fleetwood Mac / These Strange Times / Time (13) / Oct 1995

    Have a look through my charts and along with all the metal you'll see a healthy dose of Fleetwood Mac. I don't know for sure why this magical group has always been in the predominantly hard rock and metal collection of this fan. For whatever reason, they contribute a formidable quantity of favorites. It may be because I grew up hearing them on the radio and I never grew out of them. I generally like all eras, from the electric blues band formed by Peter Green, to the soft rock era led by Bob Welch, to the AOR supergroup they've been since the mid-70s.

    They've had 12 different lineups, and I like 11 of them. This album, however, was the nadir and was the sole output of the 1993-1996 lineup that didn't work at all for me. Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, and Christine McVie are here, but it's the first album since 1974 to feature neither Stevie Nicks nor Lindsey Buckingham. …